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While most of its editors share English as a common language, RationalWiki is fully supportive of articles in languages besides English.

Each project has its own template indicating that an article in the English RationalWiki has a counterpart in another language. For example, this page has a Spanish version, and {{Es}} is used on the right corner.


[edit] How to create a new language project

If you wish to create articles in a language that does not have an already existing project, we welcome it.

Come by the Saloon bar to propose your new project.

We prefer there to be at least two people interested in a given language, ever since we had a pile of bad articles created in one language that all turned out to be weirdly idiosyncratic semi-spam.

  1. Create a template in the style of Template:Es or Template:Fr to let readers know.
  2. Create a new article from scratch, or translate an existing article. If you wish to do the latter, follow these steps:
    1. Make a page in your userspace to work in. This looks like: [[User:USER/Página]].
    2. Copy and paste the wikitext of the article you want to translate into this page, OR have the wikitext in front of you.
    3. Translate bit by bit. When you're done, you can move what you've written in your userspace to the mainspace. For example, move [[User:USER/Page]] to [[Page]].
  3. Remember to put your language's template on the English language version of the page, and Template:En on the non-English page.
  4. You may also want to create a category for people who also speak your language, such as Category:Hablantes de español.

[edit] French (Français)

See the main article on this topic: :Category:Français

[edit] Portuguese (Português)

See the main article on this topic: :Category:Português

[edit] Russian (Русский)

See also: rurw:Заглавная страница

[edit] Russian section history

Work on the Russian section started on 2 January 2011. Its specific tasks include consideration and analysis of the most meaningful statements of the site Creationwiki (especially those in Russian), as well as some other similar resources. In these tasks it seems useful to translate EvoWiki into Russian.

The objectives of the Russian section have much in common with those of well-known Russian projects like Lurkmore and Encyclopedia of pseudoscience. It differs from these projects in its way of presenting information (no usage of profanity and any other similar jargon; on the other hand, RationalWiki (English) has its own style of presentation, and the Russian section follows this example to a degree), as well as its content (attention is paid not so much to the description of the processes of interest to us, but rather to their critical analysis).

[edit] Spanish (Español)

See the main article on this topic: :Category:Español
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