Board elections.

The RationalMedia Foundation board elections are a'happenin'.

  • Nominations will commence on 26 June 2016 and run through 10 July 2016.
  • The voting dates are TBA.

To register to vote: RationalWiki:RationalMedia Foundation/Voter registration

Useful links:

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RationalWiki:User edit counts

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This page has been replaced by Special:Editcount and the MediaWiki api.

This page allows for easy queries about user's editing patterns. You can choose to search for a specific username, or find the top edit count users up to the number of users you pick. You can also search under specific years, or specific month and year.

Note the php script that handles the queries was specifically set up for get requests so that those interested in working with this data from a bot can request it in that manner. For example this link: could be put into a bot script and the data processed however you like.

<editcount />

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