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Rudolf Steiner, now waiting to reincarnate in about 400 years.

Rudolf Steiner (Feb. 25, 1861- Mar. 30, 1925) was an Austrian born in what now is Croatia (part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in those days) and was educated at the Vienna Institute of Technology. He also lived in Germany and Switzerland. Early in his life, he was the scientific editor of an edition of Goethe's works; later he was a writer and lecturer on primarily philosophical and spiritual topics. His lectures also included some scientific themes treated from a 'spiritual' point of view. He is most famous for his role in the foundation of the spiritual path of anthroposophy. Anthroposophy teaches that people reincarnate in a 500-year cycle. Nearly a thousand schools have adopted his philosophy of education, which promotes use of the imagination as well as analytical skills, and which do not encourage reading until age 6-7.

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