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A Scientology Volunteer Minister, (SVM) also known as a Vulture minister, is a volunteer of the cult of Scientology who sets up molestation stations after major disasters to convince people that touching can heal them. They usually don yellow shirts and ramble on about Amway products Scientology services that will end up costing the people their life savings. It's like a religious corps of whackers. The real purpose of the Scientologists is to recruit new members; "raw meat" in Scientology speak.[1]

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, strongly opposed psychiatry,[2] and preventing mental health professionals (the psychs) from getting to disaster victims is one of many harmful things Volunteer Ministries do worldwide.[3]


[edit] SVM and Haiti

Free E-Meter readings for Haitian earthquake victims.

Gawker published the account of an unnamed man who rode with SVM to Haiti in early 2010. Among the issues raised were the following:-

  1. That the inept group got landing clearance ahead of better organised aid agencies and got clearance to work in UN grounds suggesting some type of influence.
  2. That the SVMs believed they could purchase their supplies, food and toiletries in Haiti, when nearly all the infrastructure was devastated and not rebuilt.
  3. That wounded hospital patients came up to doctors and nurses saying they did not want the people in yellow shirts to treat them.
  4. That the SVM gave food to those who were awaiting surgery, complicating the surgeries.

The ineptitude and delusions regarding the state of Haiti's problems make SVM's arrival in Haiti a burden, rather than an asset.[4]

[edit] 9/11

They also got in the way at 9/11.[5]

[edit] Way To Happiness

One of the main activities undertaken by SVM's is to hand out the Way to Happiness booklets written by LRH. The IAS generally tries to get Scientologists to donate around 50c for each booklets before they hand them out.

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[edit] References

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