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Shelly the Republican

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STR † THE FREEDOM BLOG is an evil and malicious attack on our traditional definition of right wing extremism. This blog, founded by Shelly Goodman,[1] bashes everything from Barack Obama to My Little Pony, and its writers apparently have the time to cover just about every topic in between. It has categories devoted to exposing the evil homosexual communist interracial marriage terrorist plot known as Linux,[2] aiding the Westboro Baptist Church's campaign against the evils of Canucks,[3] crimes of the Democ-Rats,[4] atheism,[5] and even a category for freaks in general[6] as well as many, many more categories which do not appear to always contain posts obviously related to said category.

The blog also maintains “God's Hitlist”,[7] which is a compilation of “enemies of the homeland”, wrong choices, bands they hate, books you should never read and anything that generally pisses of our lord and Savior enough to make him want to dump us in a lake of fire for all eternity. They will even add libtards who defile their site with their sickly comments to this list. When someone on the list either dies or converts, they will cross it off and declare “god won”.

[edit] Poe's Law

The posts, more than anything appear to be aimed at angering the reader, which, among other things about the site, suggest Poe's Law. Some interesting discussions regarding the authenticity of Shelly have popped up on some atheist forums about the possibility of this site being a Poe.[8]

Another clue from the site itself is a 2010 post on the Iceweasel web browser, a re-branded Firefox maintained by the Debian project, as part of their anti open-source campaign. They claimed to find a “humping weasel mosaic” in the browser discovered by “scripture trained” IT professionals.[9] This appears too absurd to be anything but a parody post.

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