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Stefaan Blancke (born 1976) is a Belgian sceptic and philosopher of science, who received his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2011 from Ghent University.[1]


[edit] Education and research

In 2011, Blancke received a doctorate in philosophy from Ghent University, Belgium, for his dissertation Towards an integrated understanding of creationism in Europe.[1] The dissertation consists of a number of papers published by Blancke and others over several years, including an analysis of Intelligent Design, a discussion of creationism in Europe,[2] and an extensive analysis of creationism in the Netherlands[3] supplemented with a number of observations and recommendations regarding the teaching of evolution and creationism in European classrooms.

Blancke's main research interests lie with pseudoscience,[4] and creationism in particular, as well as evolutionary psychology[5] and anthropology.

[edit] Other activities

Blancke is a semi-prominent sceptic in Belgium, having published several articles on sceptic website Skepp, of which three deal with creationism in Belgium and the Netherlands, and one with anthroposophy.

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[edit] References

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