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Stress woo

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The Bible doesn't mention stress (though it is packed with woo), and that's no surprise.

The term "stress" was first popularized as a psychological catch-all in the 1950s,[1] that little omission does not prevent purveyors of Christian woo — like many another peddler of anti-stress panaceas — from pontificating on this ill-defined topic.[2][3]


  1. "stress (n.) [... The purely psychological sense is attested from 1955."
  2. See for example: "Welcome to Biblical stress management". "The world is full of Biblical Stress Managers. You could be the next one!!" 
  3. Compare: "Stress Bible Verses". "Stress can be debilitating in your Christian walk, but the Lord has a lot to say about it, and there are many Scriptures references that deal with the subject of stress."