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In the good old days, the establishment, when it looked down its nose at people, its very very large nose, let's just leave it at that, typically did mince its words and did try to insinuate the masses were ignorant without actually stating it outright.
—Tarl Warwick,[1] who clarified that this is just a harmless reference to Pinocchio[2]

Tarl Warwick (aka Styxhexenhammer666, Botany101[3] and Tyrell Warner[4]) is a YouTube vlogger. Although Warwick previously called himself a "progressive",[5] he is a now Libertarian.

As of June 2017, he had over 140k subscribers and 40 million views.[6]



See the main article on this topic: Alt-right

Warwick has been sympathetic to the alt-right since 2016, but was apprehensive to consider himself part of it. In his first appearance on Red Ice TV in September 2016, he claimed he was "sort of on the fringes of the alt-right, I guess".[7] In his final video of 2016, he said he is more than happy with being called alt-lite.[8] He has since disowned both titles and refers to himself as a classical liberal (or "minarchist".)[9]

He has been endorsed by noted non-Nazi Richard Spencer[10] and later appeared in one of Spencer's podcasts.[11]

Warwick has dedicated a video to express his support for Varg Vikernes and encouraged his viewers to subscribe to his channel.[12]

Flirting with Nazism[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Nazism

Warwick has long been interested in the Third Reich. For example, he gave this five-star review of Hitler's Mein Kampf:[13]

It's very hard to excuse giving Mein Kampf a high rating, due to the actions, of course, of its author (although apparently Hitler was so idiotic it took a lot of editing to make it readable.)

However if one divorces the authors[sic] crimes from the text itself, it reads more like a drastic corrective manifest for the primary purpose of improving mankind (albeit through somewhat stupid methods).

And of course those who revile Hitler don't seem to understand that a good pious evangelicals from the United States actually founded the eugenic racist movement in the early 1900s before Hitler was even peddling art on the streets to prevent himself from starving. This text could just have easily have been written by a Sunday school teacher obsessed with racial politics.

After being called a crypto-fascist for saying "Nazism briefly worked" (on a video about his opposition to Communism),[14] Warwick defended himself in the comments section.

Holocaust revision[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Holocaust denial

Warwick is skeptical of the Holocaust. He has posted a video where he does not deny it outright.[15] He does however insist that Zyklon B (which is mostly hydrogen cyanide) was a mostly harmless delousing agent, and Auschwitz was burning through so much of the stuff mostly trying to keep lice from spreading the typhus epidemic brought about by Allied firebombing. This is false as Zyklon B was used in Auschwitz's gas chambers to kill Jewish people.[16] He does admit that maybe the gas was used for the occasional execution; which is an understatement as most Nazi gas chambers used Zyklon B.[17] In the same vein, the "shower" of Auscwhitz is supposed to have been an actual shower. The "showers" were in fact disguised gas chambers.[18] Warwick reiterates that he doesn't question that the holocaust took place, but questions what proportion of the death toll was the result of execution, and what proportion was caused by famine or disease.

Warwick gave five stars to the obscure book Black Nazis! A Study of Racial Ambivalence in Nazi Germany's Military Establishment:[19]

This book is certainly not for those who envision nothing but pure evil upon hearing the words "Nazi Germany." A nice scholarly look at aspects of the period that most historians overlook- lest we forget that good pious communist Russians killed twice as many people than ever died in the holocaust.

It should be noted that the author of this work is antagonistic towards white nationalists, not supportive of them, and has written an additional work on that same subject. [20]


See the main article on this topic: Immigration
Not my problem. I didn't cause these things.

Having previously said America should continue allowing immigrants from all parts of the world (this was probably when he was still a "progressive"),[22] Warwick has since changed his mind and believes that America no longer has enough "space" to admit unlimited numbers of immigrants. He further believes liberty cannot survive unlimited immigration.[23]

In particular, Warwick opposes Muslim immigration (because Muslims allegedly have a "vested interest in attacking us"[24]) and supports a Mexico-USA border wall (saying "it'll pay itself off in a decade".[25]).

Warwick also sympathizes with refugees and believes that the United States (and its allies) never should have "liberated" (destabilized) Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other regimes in the first place. Now that the refugees do exist, he supports focusing only on attacking ISIS and supporting regimes in the region even if they are antagonistic towards our geopolitical strategies.[26] He has since questioned Trump's continuation of drone based warfare and attacks on Syrian forces.[27]

Nelson Mandela[edit]

When Nelson Mandela died, Warwick made a video rejoicing his death. He stated that Apartheid did need to end, but said Mandela was the leader of movements that should have been classed as terrorist.[28]

Socially Liberal Views[edit]

War and Conflict[edit]

Warwick is against war in general, with the exception of wars waged in direct defense of ones' nation. He opposes targeted strikes, drone based attacks, and US funding and arming of militants and classes them all as acts of war. [29]

Womens Rights[edit]

Warwick is antagonistic towards MGTOW and is in favor of womens' rights, while comparing postmodern (or third wave) feminist movements unfavorably with MGTOW itself. [30] He opposes those who seek to denigrate sexual liberty. [31]

Organized Religion[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Religion

Warwick supports religious liberty but believes organized religious bodies to generally be nothing more than a way for charlatans to make money. He considers himself spiritual, but not religious. [32]

Free Speech and Censorship[edit]

Warwick is a proponent of generally limited government, opposing any form of censorship not related to suppressing credible threats of violence, stalking, slander, and copyright infringement.[33] He opposes legislation designed to censor the internet in particular. [34] He believes that it is better to allow those with extreme viewpoints to vent online than to force them to bottle their views up, potentially escalating to violence.[35]

Gay rights[edit]

See the main article on this topic: LGBT rights

Warwick is supportive of gay marriage[36] and made a video titled "Donald Trump is Making a Mistake by not further Endorsing Protection of Homosexuals", much to the dismay of many of his viewers.[37]


See the main article on this topic: Drugs

Styx believes in legalizing all substances.[38] After the Governor of his home state Vermont vetoed the legalization of marijuana, he toyed with the idea of running for governor.[39]

Green Energy[edit]

Warwick believes that solar power will inevitably replace most fossil fuel usage and that nuclear energy should be seen as a temporary, not permanent, stand-in for truly renewable sources of electricity and fuel.[40]


Human Origins[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Racialism

Warwick rejects the notion that the Out of Africa theory is settled science, and believes it may (or may not) be displaced by some other hominid origin theory, while dismissing the idea that this has any modern racial relevance, as "hominids were not modern man."[41] Warwick believes that races exist, are biologically meaningful, and are the result of partial divergence:[41]

[T]he divergence that you see that explains race in the modern sense, that explains genetic differences between a European population and an African population or an East Asian population and an aboriginal population, those happened later, long after these hominids that we're discussing. It doesn't matter what region the original lineage arises in, because taking off from that, that original group, uh, prospers for a time, grows larger, some groups move around over time, as they find themselves encroaching into new climates with different light levels, different food sources, different everything, different temperature certainly, different beasts that they have to be worried about, different beasts that they can hunt and eat, different food spices, that's when they diverge. They diverge because their surroundings are different and what is selected for is therefore different. They weren't diverging as long as they were in one primordial area because they were experiencing much the same thing, they were all co-evolving together, the group was evolving, it hadn't diverged, this is a basic principle within natural selection, selective forces, when they were the same on this group, drove them in roughly the same general direction, selected for the same thing. Only when they geographically diverged and were not largely mixing with one another did they turn into modern races.

Climate change[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Global warming

Warwick believes climate change is a non-issue and is skeptical on whether it's anthropogenic.[42] He supported Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord, calling the liberal response to that action "propaganda".[43]

Other ideas[edit]

  • Mental illness denial: The majority of people diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome are misdiagnosed. In several decades the autism "epidemic" will be classed as a moral panic.[44]
  • MGTOW and third-wave feminism are the result of the "behavioral sink", based on the famously flawed mouse utopia experiment.[45]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Mainstream media[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Mainstream media

Styx urges his viewers to ignore the "corporate media" by not consuming news stories from TV and newspapers.[53] At length, he states that everything from broadcast media is fake:[54]

You watch CNN, Fox, whatever, it's all fake news. Everything there is fake, everything there is a lie. They're the ones that sold us Iraq, they're the ones sold us every lie that was ever told to us by the government. I think it was Lionel Nation, actually, and I support his channel, I'm a subscriber, who pointed out Operation Mockingbird, like the CIA literally using the US corporate news to lie to people - literal propaganda. There's still a minority of people that trust these idiots. I don't trust them, I don't trust even the alt-media outlets if they have a TV show. I'd rather get my news from some random YouTuber, some random person with a account, some random blogger, it's going to be more fair, it's not bought and paid for some government, by some corporate entity, that's the advantage.

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