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The O'Reilly Factor (also known as the O RLY Factor) is an American talk show on the Fox News Channel hosted by commentator Bill O'Reilly.

Although it claims to be a "No Spin Zone" it is, in fact, spinning so quickly that viewers are often taken ill and feel nauseated. The idea is similar to the rotation of helicopter blades. If they spin fast enough, they appear to be very slowly spinning in the opposite direction,[1] or not at all.

[edit] Breakdown of the show

Talking Points
Bill will rant comment on a "pressing" issue of the day, usually having to do with the Obama Administration in recent shows and most particularly the dropping of Obama's approval ratings according to his polls. His rant speech is also right in front of him and viewers so he will have it in case he forgets what to say his points will be reinforced.
Top Story
Bill will have a person who is usually like-minded such as Karl Rove (usually it is Rove) and will "discuss" the issue in the Talking Points "unintellectually" and "without spin" (and apparently without awareness of irony).
Bill will discuss some usually unimportant "crime" scene with some random people, usually with other right-wing blowhards. Also a good time to bash Obama's handling of the War in Afghanistan.
Unresolved Problem
More Propaganda stuff usually of a bigoted nature that Bill may feel that is not sufficiently covered by other media even though he pays no attention to other media.
Barack and a Hard Place
A bad pun, as well as a weekly segment for more Obama bashing. At least he has some opposing viewpoints from Alan Colmes as well as his friend Monica Crowley.
Children at Risk
A front to make it appear as he cares about the kids, though this segment has been used to bash McDonald's.
Culture War
Social conservatism gone rampant as Bill talks about the "issues". Sure not homophobia!
Did you see That
Usually explicit video clips are shown and a poor "Warning!" is given.
Dumbest Things of the Week
Friday pop culture commentary program showing Bill's behind-the-times attitude with guests: stuff that probably doesn't belong on a cable news program.
Factor Investigation
Bill uses his bullying punditry powers to criticize people or groups he disagrees with and has guests who "investigate" the people or groups.
Fridays with Geraldo
Bill discusses stuff with Geraldo Rivera that probably has no importance to the average viewer.
Kelly File
Where Bill talks to "lawyer", or pundit, Megyn Kelly.
Great American News Quiz
Where Bill asks some stupid trivia questions. More like Jeopardy, rather than news.
Is It Legal
Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly argue with a steaming hot Bill about the legality of certain issues for a pointless waste of a segment.
Miller Time
Comedian Dennis Miller makes even more of a laughingstock of The Factor by even making Bill seem smart when they discuss a certain issue.
Policing the...
More obscene material being discussed by Bill and guests who just show content and say a few words with Bill insulting the Internet that makes Bill millions.
The Ingraham Angle
Bill invites the human nasal passage, Laura Ingraham, so he can talk with her. Sometimes she substitutes for him, possibly making the "no-spin zone" even more openly banal, nonsensical, and paranoid than it already is, which is saying a lot.
Tip of the Day
Bill gives "advice" and usually promotes his gear or some other product.
Factor Mail
Bill reads snippets of viewer mail usually only from premium members of his website and rants about what they say. Or he advertises his "Factor Gear" or new books.
Word of the Day
Bill uses his "above average intelligence" to come up with an obsolete word he insults his viewers and makes them look it up in a dictionary if needed at the end of the show. "If I tell you what it means, you'll forget it."

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