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Computer Science

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Forensic Pathologist. Mother does not like the idea of me being 33 and cutting away into a dead body. "You'll forever be alone. No one would want to talk to you. You'd smell like dead bodies. I WANT GRANDCHILDREN!"

And Cog. Sci does sound interesting. When given the chance, I shall have to find a good class. :3

Dumpling (talk)05:36, 16 January 2012

^^I hope you like quote mines, Dumpling  :-)

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope08:05, 16 January 2012

Hahahaha! Sure. My parental figures are full of interesting quotes. Oh hey. I got an award. I should check RWW more often. And...I have a penis size?

Dumpling (talk)08:30, 16 January 2012

You're a woman, which is why it's blank :-)

I kid, I kid. That was Nx's doing.

Star of David.png Radioactive Misanthrope08:35, 16 January 2012

Ooooh... Then I have a very small e-penis. .............. Typing that felt weird.

Dumpling (talk)08:37, 16 January 2012

My e-penis is magnificent.

Picon small.pngAcer Blue08:59, 16 January 2012

(ಠ㉨ರೃ)...Why...yes. It is quite magnificent!

Dumpling (talk)09:04, 16 January 2012

What can I say. I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so!

Picon small.pngAcer Blue09:05, 16 January 2012

-clapclapclap- Spoken like a pro.

Dumpling (talk)09:08, 16 January 2012
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