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[edit] One For Logic

I am One For Logic, (sometimes OneForLogic, oneforlogic, or Oneforlogic, depending on the naming conventions of the site I'm using), a regular contributor of minor edits and other things on Wikipedia since 2005. I recently spent some time analyzing Conservapedia's claims of bias and other evils on Wikipedia, and earned Andrew Schlafly's hostility as a result. Somehow, my accounts were not immediately banned; accounts because I thought my first was banned, only it turned out that the entire wiki was locked down. It took them an entire day after I had officially declared myself tired of their bigotry to ban me.

I have sworn off any further editing/analysis/pointlessly-making-myself-a-target on Conservapedia, so I am unlikely to post anything new using either of these accounts. Links to my work can be found below. Let me know if any of it gets burned, as I saved text records of my analysis and each of my talk pages soon before being banned. I have had a great deal of interest in rational thought and science for many years. I'm also highly interested in understanding people. More can be found on my Conservapedia and Wikipedia user pages.

Since I've now outed myself as a non-liberal on most things economic (I respect the power of the almighty dollar and realize that if I am ever to save the world, as I would like to, I will need a great many of them), I should probably explain my thoughts on labels. I don't accept many labels. As I explained on Conservapedia, I do not consider myself liberal, conservative, libertarian, fascist, religious, atheist, pastafarian, etc. I consider myself me. There are several problems with labels. First, they divide people into nice, well organized "us and them" categories, which pretty much always leads to conflict. Second, they allow for false attribution of positions. By that, I mean that people could say something like "your an Uncyclopedian! All Uncyclopedians believe that huffing kittens is fun! You're a horrible kitten huffer!", despite the fact that the Uncyclopedian in question might not, actually, engage in kitten huffing. I'd rather just explain my views from the beginning without all the misinterpretation and confusion. So, definitely ask if you're interested to hear any of my positions on things. Just don't ask any yes/no questions, or at least never expect a yes/no answer, as nothing is that simple.

[edit] Stuff

One For Logic, my user page on Wikipedia.

One For Logic, my first user page on Conservapedia.

One Against Repression, my second user page on Conservapedia.

Analysis of claims of bias and the many other alleged evils of Wikipedia according to the editors of Conservapedia. May be out of date, as I have sworn off any further editing on Conservapedia, and they add new grievances alarmingly rapidly. (Permanent link.)

My blog, which may or may not be interesting to any of you. My "Personal Philosophy" and "Conflict" posts are probably my best.

[edit] My major contributions to RationalWiki

A debate on Wikipedia's NPOV policy.

A debate on political polarization in the US.

The liberal mob made me look like an ultra right-wing, supply-side economics supporting wacko in this debate (until a certain libertarian jumped in and distracted them).

I explained my support for Reaganomics in this debate.

I wasted time at work here.

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