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[edit] Overt versus subtle sexism

here's a site with great examples

Overt sex discrimination refers to the unequal and harmful treatment of a certain gender that is readily apparent, visibile, and observable and can be easily documented. Examples of overt sex discrimination include sexual harassment, sexist language and jokes, physical violence and violation (rape, spousal abuse), and other forms of unequal treatment within the family, employment, politics, religion, and other institutional sectors. For instance, inequality in the economic sector includes unequal salaries in comparable jobs, lack of promotion

Subtle sexism refers to the unequal and harmful treatment of a given gender that is visible but often not noticed because of institutionalized behavior that treats it as "normal," "natural," acceptable, or customary. In terms of characteristics, subtle sexism can be innocent or manipulative, intentional or unintentional, well-intentioned or malicious.

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