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Venezuela is a South American country and deadly national security threat,[1] formerly under the tyrannical control of democratically elected "dictator" Hugo Chavez, and now run by his former Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela borders several countries including Colombia, Brazil, and some other small countries that no one cares about.


[edit] Edumacation

As a result of Chavez's brutal policies, Venezuelans now have a government that produces statistics showing that it has miraculously taught 1.482 million people to read and produced a 98% literacy rate;[2] they also have longer lifespans, as long as they do not squawk too loudly against the Glorious Leader.[3]

[edit] Economics

Venezuela is a huge exporter of petroleum. The Venezuelan government owns the oil company, PDVSA, which in turn owns Citgo. When you buy gas from Citgo, you're buying communism!

Since the alternatives though are the likes of ExxonMobil, BPAmocoArco, ConocoPhillips, MarathonAshland, UltramarDiamondShamrock, FinaTotal, and ChevronTexaco, maybe Citgo is not too awful a choice.

At the same time, inflation is growing rapidly (70% a year) and people's incomes are falling ...perhaps not. Though they're certainly starving and being killed thanks to the ascending crime rate and government's economical mismanagement. Thanks, Obama Maduro!

[edit] Venezuela's Falklands

Just as Argentina claims the Falkland Islands as theirs, Venezuela also claims two thirds of neighbouring country to the right Guyana, what Venezuela calls Guayana Esequiba (after the Esequibo River, whose basin lies largely there).[4]

Of course, just like in Argentina, the Venezuelan government waves the Guayana Esequiba flag whenever there's a problem at home so that they can distract the people.[4]

[edit] Notas al pie

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