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Vigilant Citizen

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Not to be confused with The Vigilant Christian

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Vigilant Citizen is a website that is dedicated to discovering the hidden "symbolism"(?) in the popular media, usually involving the Illuminati.

The problem with "symbolism"[edit]

Most of the "symbolism" isn't even remotely related to Freemasonry at all (conspiracy theorists consider Freemasons and the Illuminati to be the same.) For example, the Pentagram, while mistakenly related to Satanism, is actually a Pagan symbol.

Source of his beliefs[edit]

Most of the articles on Vigilant Citizen refer to "Project Monarch" and "Sex-kitten programming," which are terms that were used by promoters of the Satanic Ritual Abuse conspiracy theory. Brice Taylor,[1] Cathy O'Brien and Fritz Springmeier popularized these terms amongst conspiracy theorists.[2] [3]

A woman named Cisco Wheeler who is affiliated with Springmeier claims she was "a sex slave, drug runner, money launderer, and Illuminati programmer, creating other mind control slaves." Wheeler insists her first sex abuse was at the hands of President Dwight Eisenhower: "[he] befriended me as a small child. I would sit on his lap, sang to him, there were sexual gestures back and forth." This occurred, Wheeler claims, because her politically involved father conceived her for her to be "a structured slave within the Illuminati." Wheeler states she now works with Springmeier to "help other victims of mind control heal." [4]

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