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Warning icon orange.svg This page contains too many unsourced statements, and needs to be improved.

Websites could use some help. Please research the article's assertions. Whatever is credible should be sourced, and what is not should be removed.

This is a list of websites, content producers, and other parasites of the internets that help further our mission, were interesting to RationalWiki editors, or posted for shameless self-promotion vanity reasons. Beware, some of these recommended links are sometimes really bad.


[edit] Web tools

  • rbutr(link): Rbutr shows you if there are rebuttals (rather, if someone has linked a rebuttal) to the page you're viewing. Very useful, especially for widely-cited and older material.
  • Google Scholar button (Chrome, Firefox): Searches for highlighted text in Google scholar. Useful for checking citations.
  • Internet Archive: Wayback Machine(link): Over 450 billion saved web pages. Useful for looking up old copies of currently-broken web pages, or for maintaining a stable version of a changing page.
  • Archive.is(link): Like the Internet Archive, except newer (and so less inclusive) and more beloved of fighters in the modern culture wars; may be less useful for finding backup related to creationism, conspiracies, alternative medicine, etc.
  • Web Capture(link): Takes full-page screenshots; useful for documentation if archive services don't work.
  • Wikipedia(link): The most well known wiki on the web, serves as a starter-point for more indepth research.
  • Le décodex(link): A French webpage, owned by Le Monde, that provides a catalogue for newspages on the internet and details how trustworthy the news on those pages is.

[edit] Skepticism

See the main article on this topic: Skepticism
  • Adventures in nonsense from Simon Perry(link):
  • Australian Skeptics(link):
  • Bad Astronomy(link): Blog. Run by Phil Plait, a classic skeptical site dealing in astronomy woo (including takedowns of Zecharia Sitchin, Richard Hoagland, and the Moon landing deniers)
  • Bad Science(link): Blog. Run by Ben Goldacre, a column from The Guardian newspaper.
  • Center for Inquiry(link)
  • Crank.Net(link):, a categorized link farm listing numerous forms of crankery from around the Internet
  • Critical Thought and Religious Liberty(link): Hosted by the Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould archive, documents many otherwise obscure skeptical documents.
  • DC's IMPROBABLE SCIENCE page(link): Blog. Run by David Colquhoun at University College London.
  • Debunking Denialism(link): Blog.
  • Denialism Blog(link): Blog. Run by Mark & Chris Hoofnagle and our own PalMD. A Scienceblog devoted to the denialist movement and its tactics.
  • Digital Bits Skeptic(link):. Blog, podcast, paid articles, and user community for skeptics.
  • Discover Blogs(link): Blog. Run by Discover Magazine; home to, among others, Phil Plait and Carl Zimmer.
  • Donna Kossy's Freeze Dried Kooks Museum(link): Website. A popular 90s collection of, well, kooks.
  • Fortean cake(link): Totnesmartin's pokings into the murky depths of the paranormal.
  • Freethought Blogs(link): Blog. A quasi-spinoff of ScienceBlogs, started by Ed Brayton and PZ Myers. Focuses on rationalism and analysis of the intersection between science, politics, and religion.
  • Guy Chapman's blahg(link): Blog. Run by our own JzG. Includes quackbusting and snark.
  • HoaxWiki(link): A wiki. For those interested in Dutch and Belgian lunatics and skeptics.
  • Holysmoke(link): Textfiles from the FIDONET days, kept alive on the web for posterity. Perhaps a bit amateur by today's standards, but the old Holysmoke echo was sort of the RW of two decades ago. If you really have a lot of time on your hands, or are just feeling nostalgic, there is also a searchable archive of Holysmoke posts.[1]
  • Hygiène Mentale(link):
  • Insolitology.com(link): is an archive of kooks run by François Tremblay and Alleee Randall. François just barely made our List of Internet kooks, but he and Alleee are still excellent writers on crackpottery.
  • Memoirs of a Skepchick(link): Blog. Run by Rebecca Watson (and a couple of other authors), covering general science, skepticism, and occasionally feminism in science.
  • Metabunk(link): A discussion forum dedicated to skeptical debunking and creating re-usable refutations to bunk.
  • New Mexicans for Science and Reason(link):
  • Odd Books(link):, a listing of reviews of books written primarily by people whose views are far outside the mainstream
  • Open Science(link): Open source software and science...what more could you want?
  • Sceptics' Guide to the Universe(link): - podcasts on science and logic.
  • Science, Reason and Critical Thinking from Crispin Jago(link):
  • Science, skepticism and astronomy(link) Run by our own kashfarooq.
  • ScienceBlogs(link): Blog. Created by Seed Media Group, with significant editorial input from National Geographic in the last year or two. It has sister sites based in Brazil(link) and Germany(link). See the last day's blogs at scienceblogs(link).
  • Scientific American Blogs(link): Blog.
  • Scientopia(link): Blog. Another ScienceBlogs spinoff; many of its writers are former Sb writers.
  • Skeptic Report(link):
  • Skeptical Inquirer(link): The premier skeptic journal.
  • Skeptical Raptor's blog(link): Run by our own Skeptical Raptor. Talking about global warming, vaccines, zombies, evolution, and other science.
  • Skeptical-Science(link): Blog. Run by Dave Gamble, a UK based blogger focusing on both Skepticism, critical thinking and popular science.
  • Skeptics Annotated Bible/Koran/Book of Mormon(link): A skeptical look at these texts.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary(link)
  • Skeptics on the Net(link): An attempt at a comprehensive directory of skeptical sites and resources.
  • SKEPP(link): A professional resource for Belgian skeptics everywhere.
  • Submitted to a Candid World(link): Blog. Run by our own AmesG. Covers progressive politics, rhetoric, and relevant parts of the anti-science movement.
  • The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry(link): (the former CSICOP)
  • The Encyclopedia of American loons(link): Blog. Features hundreds of insane, pseudoscience-pushing loons.
  • The James Randi Educational Foundation(link): Website. Featuring a weekly column by the Master, Randi himself; focuses primarily on the paranormal.
  • The James Randi Educational Foundation(link)
  • The Lay Scientist(link): Blog. Run by Martin, a British site covering interesting peer-reviewed research, skepticism, and the intersection between science, politics and the media.
  • The Life and Thoughts of One For Logic(link): by One For Logic
  • The Off Season Recipe Blog(link): Blog. Run by our own EVDebs under the name BrianX. Food and pseudoscience.
  • The Skeptic Tank(link): Textfiles from the FIDONET days. Affiliated with Holysmoke.
  • The Skeptics Society/Skeptic Magazine(link)
  • What's New with Bob Park(link): Blog. Covering anti-science developments in science and politics.

[edit] Viral media

See the main article on this topic: Viral media
  • Snopes(link): Excellent debunkers of the endless flow of urban, rural, and cyber myths (make sure you have JavaScript disabled and a good ad blocker).
  • Straight Dope(link): Like Snopes in a question-and-answer column format.
  • About.com: Urban Legends(link): Has a lot of very-current stuff on viral media.
  • CaptainDisillusion(link): An expert of video editing debunks video editing using video editing. Very high-quality viral video takedowns, with added snark and humor.
  • Doubtful News(link): Has a lot of very-current stuff on viral media.
  • Hoax-Slayer(link): Like Snopes but not as good focuses more on chain emails.
  • Alt.Folklore.Urban and Urban Legends Archive(link): One of the oldest references on the Internet for urban legend debunking. At one time they were a competitor to Snopes (David Mikkelson also came from the Usenet world), but they're not nearly as well-known now. The site name is short for The Archive Formerly Known As Cathouse, referring to its pre-web domain name of cathouse.org.
  • TruthOrFiction.com(link): Performs a similar function to Snopes, even vouching for them when American wingnuts called Snopes' "voracity" into question.[2]
  • FotoForensics(link): Detects image editing.

[edit] Pseudohistory

See the main article on this topic: Pseudohistory
  • This Week in Christian Nationalism(link): Chris Rodda (Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation) refutes of (mostly David Barton's) pernicious Christian Nationalist pseudo-history. Now defunct.
  • In the Hall of Ma'at(link): Touches on many topics, though it focuses mostly on pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology, pseudolinguistics, and pseudomathematics.
  • Bad Archaeology(link): From Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and James Doeser. Extraterrestrials, nationalism, and similar incursions in archaeology.
  • Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt(link): By Larry Orcutt. Mysteries of the pharaohs.
  • Bad Linguistics(link):
  • Jason Colavito.com(link): Colavito analyses bullshit dubious historical claims from the likes of Graham Hancock, Scott Wolter, L.A.Marzulli, David Wilcock and especially everything to do with Ancient Aliens

[edit] Science and pseudoscience

  • Amythest Schaber(link): Is known for her "Ask an Autistic" series where she answers questions about Autism based on her personal experiences with Autism. Calls out the mineral solutions used to cure people with autism as it "cures" them by killing them, as well as calling out Autism Speaks, a renowned hate charity that has no interest in helping autistic people.
  • Animalist News(link): News and education about the animal kingdom, aimed at younger viewers. Hosted by comedians Alex Farnham and Catie Wayne.
  • Anyhoo(link): Strange and occasionally disturbing trivia presented by a rotating cast of Rev3 hosts, including YouTube musician Tay Zonday.
  • Applied Science(link): Real life how to guides for science.
  • ASAP Science(link): Very basic cartoon answers to science questions plus news.
  • TheBackyardScientist(link):
  • BAHfest(link): The festival of Bad Ad Hoc hypotheses. Hilarious fake science talks from the maker of SMBC.
  • Bite Sci-zed(link): Science news from someone who appears to be either a metalhead, a Texas longhorns fan or a Satanist/Illuminati member, possibly all three!
  • Bozeman Biology(link): High school level biology and now chemistry from a talking head.
  • The Brain Scoop(link): Dissection and natural history news with Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago. You will find yourself whistling the theme tune!
  • Brit Lab(link): Previously known as HeadsqueezeTV, a science channel run by BBC.
  • BytesizedScience(link): Bite sized science with spelling puns.
  • Cara Santa Maria(link): Science correspondent from the HuffPost
  • CGPGrey(link): The man the legend, his podcast is also great. (Actually little to no science but it is still great!)
  • Computerphile(link): Computer stuff from the University of Nottingham, makers of Periodic Videos.
  • Cool Hard Logic(link): Debunking various kinds of madness.
  • Crash Course(link): Basic intros to Chemistry, Biology and Ecology (but little to no physics!) by Hank Green of the Green Vlogbrothers. Also world and US history, and literature (hosted by John Green) as well as psychology. Expanded with Anatomy and Physiology, Economics, Intellectual Property Law and Astronomy (hosted by Phil Plait).
  • Deep Astronomy(link): astronomer Tony Darnell relays news about astronomy and astrophysics, as well as videos demonstrating events like falling into a black hole or the birth of the first stars.
  • Discovery Digital Networks(link): (formerly Revision3(link)) has several science-oriented shows on their TestTube(link) and Animalist(link) networks. (They also have a ton of technical, DIY, and geek culture material that is outside RationalWiki's scope.)
  • DNews(link): Science news, with hosts Trace Dominguez, Laci Green, and Tara Long.
  • Garret Claridge(link):
  • Geography Now!(link): Hosted by Paul Barbato, who goes through the geography, demographics, some politics, some history, and some science of every country in the world.
  • Grant Thompson(link):
  • Hard Science(link): Artistic, explosive, and just plain silly experiments. Think Epic Meal Time by way of the Mythbusters workshop. Hosted by Anthony Carboni and Tara Long.
  • How Stuff Works(link): Some good explanations of everyday things.
  • I Fucking Love Science(link): Hosted by Elise Andrew of Facebook fame(link); soon to be a TV show with Craig Ferguson.
  • In a Nut Shell(link):A channel dedicated to explaining, in depth, one major world event a month.
  • Its OK to be Smart(link): Science news with an arrogant name.
  • Jogwheel(link): Creator of the series, "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?"
  • LeschsWelt(link): Youtube channel from German professor Harald Lesch.
  • Maja Toudal (as TheAnMish)(link): Singer from Denmark who makes videos regarding her personal experience with autism, specifically Asperger's Syndrome. She made a video calling out the miracle mineral solution that is meant to cure autistic people and explained how many people with autism don't want to be cured. Was asked by Philip Rose, aka TheTruePooka, to help call out HeyRuka's statements regarding Denmark being the least dangerous country because of it's lack or racial diversity according to Ruka herself.
  • Microwavemeshow(link): Makes science videos doing experiments on things by seeing whether or the products he microwaves are either safe or deadly. His other shows include seeing which products will blend or not, drill this! which involves taking a look at what makes them tick, and a review show where he endorsed channels like Sammie (Sandra Meland) and Jesse Springer.
  • Minute Physics(link): often over a minute!
  • My Mind Matters(link): A series of interviews documented by Scotty Tipton[3] about the struggles people with mental health issues have from people with mental health themselves telling their own personal stories. These four individuals, Cody, Vix, Nicole, and Sam are speaking from a real place about what it's like to have to deal with the things they have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • NeuroLogica(link): Yale neurologist Steven Novella's blog reflects the breadth of his interests, not just neuroscience.
  • Numberphile(link): Maths stuff.
  • Periodic Videos(link): The periodic table with a video for every element hosted by a cartoon version of a science prof who has entered the real world!
  • PhilosophyTube(link): Fun philosophy videos about the ethics of pony porn etc
  • QI(link): Thou shalt not question Steven Fry.
  • Retraction Watch(link): Scientists make mistakes. This blog shows them being fixed.
  • The Royal Institution(link): Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without em!
  • ScienceAlert(link)
  • Science News(link): high quality, highly readable articles on science subjects. It's written in a style for the educated lay reader but also read by scientists
  • Sci-Show(link): Science news by Hank Green of the Green Vlogbrothers.
  • Scholarpedia(link): A peer-reviewed wiki that focuses on neuroscience, cognitive science, and artificial intelliegnce.
  • Shawn K(link):
  • Shed Science(link): Biology in a shed.
  • The Slow Mo Guys(link): Things (mostly explosions) happening in extreme slow motion. Hosted by Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth and Dan Gruchy of the British Army.
  • SourceFed(link): Daily science and current events news mixed with sketch comedy, created by YouTuber Philip DeFranco.
  • The Great War(link): A documentary series about the First World War hosted by Indy Neidell featuring everything of note that happened 100 years earlier.
  • Tom Scott(link): Stuff you might not have known.
  • Veritasium(link): Australian physicist indulges laymen bypassers.
  • Vihart(link): Maths doodles from what Ive always assumed is a disembodied talking hand.
  • Vsauce(link): Created and hosted by Michael Stevens, and the flagship channel of a network of four channels focusing on science and geek culture.
  • When the Apple Drops(link): Physics explained with bad puns and tea.

[edit] Medicine

  • Science-Based Medicine(link): Articles by Steven Novella and others.
  • Cochrane Reviews(link): Huge collection of meta-analyses of evidence-based medicine. The only downside is that your access may be limited depending on your place of residence.
  • Quackwatch(link)
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center(link)
  • Ratbags.com(link): Australian blogger Peter Bowditch's takedowns of altie garbage.
  • Naturopathic Diaries(link): Confessions of former naturopathic doctor.
  • White Coat Underground(link): Blog. Run by our own PalMD. Covers medical quackery (oh, sorry, "alternative medicine") and, occasionally, the importance of fatherhood.
  • science-based pharmacy(link): Blog. Run by Scott Gavura and Avicenna (not that one) does what it says on the tin, unlike the pharma-woo it exposes.
  • The Millenium Project(link): Blog. Run by Peter Bowditch, an Australian site focusing heavily on medical woo (particularly anti-vaccination activism) and multilevel marketing fraud.
  • PubMed(link): comprising "27 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books". Citations include abstracts and full text links when available. Articles are primarily from peer-reviewed journals, but also include things like homeopathy journals.

[edit] Astronomy

  • Bad Astronomy(link): popular science writer Phil Plait's pro-science, and occasionally anti-anti-science, blog.
  • Starts With a Bang(link): mustachioed Lewis and Clark College professor Ethan Siegel's blog: an excellent primer on cosmology.
  • Nine Planets(link): All-encompassing encyclopedia on the Solar System.
  • The Planetary Society(link): Organization dedicated to space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial life.
  • Cloudbait Observatory Archaeoastronomy(link): Web page on archaeoastronomyWikipedia's W.svg.
  • NASA Astromaterial Acquisition and Curation(link): Moon rocks, Mars meteorites, and a whole bunch of random objects from space can be found here.

[edit] Geology

  • Palaeos(link): Perhaps the best catalog for paleontology and phylogeny out there. Recommended by Science.
  • Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkely(link): A well respected source on stratigraphy and paleontology.
  • Fossil Works(link): A database of extinct organisms and their respective ages, sub-epochs, epochs, and periods.
  • GeoWhen(link): A database of geological ages, epochs, periods eras and eons. Very comprehensive on stratigraphy.
  • Paleocene Mammals of the World(link): More paleobiological than geological, but is the most comprehensive resource on mammals of the Paleocene on the web. Recommended by Palaeos.

[edit] New Age

[edit] Creationism

  • Talk Origins(link): The website of the Usenet newsgroup talk.origins, and an archive of perhaps the vastest repository of FAQs on evolution and geology.
  • No Answers in Genesis(link): Includes one of the first public exposés of Kent Hovind's ludicrous "thesis."
  • Pharyngula(link): PZ Myers' blog.
  • NotJustATheory.com(link): Self-explanatory.
  • Stones and Bones(link): anti-creationist Gary S. Hurd's blog.
  • University of Ediacara(link): A group website of many of the old regulars from talk.origins.
  • Why Evolution is True(link): Blog. Run by University of Chicago Ecology and Evolution Professor Jerry Coyne.[4] And a Caturday fanatic.
  • Naturalis Historia(link): pro-science/anti-creationism blog written by a Calvinist professor of biology who describes himself, among other things, as a "lover of reformed theology," and "concerned that modern conservative evangelicals have increasing abandoned the study of natural revelation resulting in both a lack of appreciation for the “good” creation and the inability to assess the results of modern science." Nuf said.
  • Questioning Answers in Genesis(link): pro-science/anti-creationism blog of a Calvinist PhD student in geology. Both QaiG and Naturalis Historia are studiously written from a broad academic perspective that includes analysis of the science as well as factors contributing to YEC belief. Free of any of the shrillness or polemics of any of the blogs of popular "evolutionists.
  • Talk.Reason(link): A website founded by Mark Perakh and John M. Lynch. Describes itself as, "Arguments against creationism, intelligent design, and religious apologetics."
  • Antievolution(link)
  • BCSE(link): The British equivalent of the NCSE.
  • ET Babinski(link): Edward T. Babinski's essays on creationism, evolution and atheism.
  • The UD Network(link): No description needed.
  • Bioliteracy(link): About biology scientific literacy.
  • Darwin Day(link): Darwin Day!
  • Antievolution.org Discussion Board(link): The forum for Antievolution.org, while in theory it's a dicussion board for cre-evo discussions, except for the rare loons found there, is a dumping place for anything anti-ID. Particularly Evo News and Views, and for more commonly UD, through the ongoing Uncommonly Dense threads. Ravings from how Atlantis exists, to how cells constructed humans can be found there, but the trolls are usually stuck to their own threads to stop from spoiling other threads.
  • The Panda's Thumb(link): The talk.origins group blog.
  • Playing Chess With Pigeons(link): talk.origins veteran Troy Britain's blog.
  • Icons of Antievolution(link): A group project dedicated to refuting Well's book, Icons of Evolution.
  • Tom Schneider's Rebutting Creationism page(link):
  • Tom Schneider's AntiCreationist Page(link):
  • Ken Miller's Evolution Resources(link):
  • Burlington-Edison Committee for Science Education(link):
  • Darwiniana(link): A directory on science (mainly biology and geology) as well as creationism.
  • Answers in Creation(link): Yes, you can be a Christian without subscribing to insanity. Good to know.
  • Amorphia Apparel: Teach the Controversy(link): Teach the controversy paraphernalia - pick your own controversy!
  • The Evolution Evidence Page(link): Huge site supporting evolution, with everything from genes to cretinists.
  • Haeckel(link): Webpage by T.O. veteran Troy Britiain on the Antievolution.org site.
  • The Creation-Evolution Controversy(link): Page by computer programmer and experienced creationist refuter Don Lindsay.
  • Creationism Versus Science(link):
  • Paleosols: Three Strikes Against YEC(link):
  • Piltdown Man Homepage(link): Page refuting creationist bunk about Piltdown Man by season T.O. veteran Richard Harter (sadly now deceased).
  • Eye on the ICR(link): Blog. Run by our own PeterL. Pokes fun at the Institute for Creation Research.
  • Through the Amber Looking-Glass:(link): Blog. Run by our own Blue. Eclectic mix of RW-related stuff, feminism, trans issues, and gaming.
  • Answers in Genesis BUSTED!(link): Blog. Is lots of fun.
  • The Nondiscovery blog(link): Blog. Follows the Discovery Institute and creationism/ID.
  • Respectful Insolence(link): Blog. Written by a surgeon/scientist with a focus on applying rational thought to medicine and alternative therapies.
  • The Sensuous Curmudgeon(link): Blog. Anti Creationist/ID-ist blog.

[edit] Global warming denialism

  • Skeptical Science(link): Like a Talk Origins for denialism.
  • RealClimate(link): A Pandas Thumb for climatology.
  • Real Climate(link): Blog. On global warming.
  • DeSmogBlog(link): Blog. Also on global warming (but more focused on denialism and public relations).
  • The Breakthrough Institute(link): Blog. Focuses on climate change, bipartisan (if largely progressive) politics and environmental science with occasional promotions of nuclear power.

[edit] Politics

  • PolitiFact(link): is a generally pretty good site owned by the Tampa Bay Times that fact checks the statements of U.S. politicians. It sometimes skews a bit towards the militant middle.
  • FactCheck(link): competitor to PolitiFact.
  • Les décodeurs(link): The French equivalent to PolitiFact, also owned by Le Monde.
  • The David Pakman Show(link):
  • Cammeyahbams (AKA Libertarian Socialist Rants)(link): Made a series of videos debunking Caiden Cowger's book "Restoring America". He dropped most of his videos regarding on atheism to focus more on social issues such as providing support for feminism and calling out anti-feminist videos from acts like BurnCoalition, NateTalkstoYou, and The Amazing Atheist. Despite his channel name being Libertarian Socialist Rants, he's more of a social anarchist who believes in a society where workers should have control over their own work rather than to be forced to exist in a society dominated by an obey or starve mentality.
  • The Benjamin Dixon Show(link):
  • BadMouseProductions(link): Not a fan of religion, but, much like Cammehyabams, grew out of the same arguments that other atheists have made over the past few years to focus on issues like social justice and feminism. Also, he was an AnCap before becoming a social anarchist.
  • The Non Sequitur(link): Blog. Philosophy profs point out logical fallacies in the media and political commentary.
  • Freakonomics(link): Blog. Just darn interesting.
  • Opposing Views(link): so-called "expert debates".
  • Peter Sinclair(link): A graphic designer who vlogs under the name "greenman3610" on his channel called "Climate Denial Crock of the Week." Covers global warming and its denial, clean energy, and the politics surrounding them. Also has a blog by the same name.
  • Ring of Fire(link):: A progressive network hosted by journalist Farron Cousins and lawyer Mike Papantonio, both based in Florida. Vehemently opposed to the Republican Party, and not that big on the Democratic Party, they often report on news where corporations are actively endangering the lives of their customers and grease lawmakers to let them get away with it. Their membership includes African American democratic socialist [Benjamin Dixon] of the Progressive Army(link); Jewish American comedian, writer, film director, and talk show host Sam Seder of the Majority Report(link); progressive talk show godfather Thom Hartmann; and former RT reporter/current TeleSUR English host Abby Martin.
  • The Young Turks(link): Internet talk show covering politics (from a progressive POV) and popular culture, with a mix of serious coverage of current events and some more light-hearted/soft human interest items. Its primary topic is the coverage of the corrupting influence of money in politics (especially after Citizens United), and their attempts to stop it. This show was among the inaugural programs on Sirius Satellite Radio and has been hosted by Cenk Uygur (formerly an MSNBC host) since 2002 with several co-hosts.

[edit] Liberal

  • We Couldn't Make This Up...(link): Blog. Run by our own PsyGremlin and Π.
  • Voxcorvegis(link): Blog. (User talk:Lady Corvex|Lady Corvex's) blog - mainly about physics, interactions between the sciences and the humanities, fiction/culture, transgender issues and Canadian Politics.
  • Dispatches from the Culture Wars(link): Blog. Writer and skeptic Ed Brayton talks about science, politics, and religion from a left-libertarian point of view.
  • Pandagon(link): Blog. Left-wing blog owned by Jesse Taylor and home to feminist/skeptic blogger and unrepentant music snob Amanda Marcotte. Covers politics, science, religion, music, and food and has a weekly music party on Turntable.fm.
  • The Huffington Post(link): News. Left-wing US politics blog run by Deep cover liberal|former Republican activist Arianna Huffington. Notoriously woo-friendly (especially as regards Deepak Chopra and vaccine hysteria|anti-vaccination activism), and a cautionary example of how politics and rationality do not always coincide.
  • Red State Rabble(link): Blog. Politics, Religion, Science and culture.
  • ManBoobz(link): Blog. Run by David Futrelle; a skeptical (and snarky) blog taking down the Men's Rights Movement, the seduction community, and various other forms of misogyny
  • The Unholy American(link): Blog. Politics, Religion, Atheism, History, and Current Events.
  • Vox.com(link) Great American news site offering personal essays, explainers, and well... the news

[edit] Libertarian

  • Skeptical Libertarian(link): Blog.

[edit] Authoritarianism

[edit] Nazism

See the main article on this topic: Nazism
  • Nizkor Project(link): Covers holocaust denialism.
  • Who Makes the Nazis?(link): Rather extensive documentation of neo-Nazi, third positionist, and radical traditionalist attempts to co-opt alternative music scenes.
  • Netz gegen Nazis(link): An extensive documentation of current trends in the far-right German nationalist scene, both on the internet as well as in real life.

[edit] Feminism and social justice

See the main article on this topic: Feminism
See the main article on this topic: Social justice
  • 8DX(link): Male feminist who has collaborated in Kristi Winters videos, such as providing answers to Questions White Men Have for SJWs.
  • AConnMann(link):
  • Agnes Torok(link): Slam poet who has called out Donald Trump and the mistreatment women face on the internet. Came under fire from the anti-feminist community for her "Reclaim the Internet" video.
  • Akilah Hughes(link):
  • Alex Rose(link): Makes videos discussing issues such as mental health issues and LGBTQ+ issues. Not a fan of the gender binary. She also made a video titled, "Four Flaws of Feminism", mainly it not being intersectional enough and called out "white feminism" in that same video.
  • Amani Al-Khatahtbeh(link): Creator of the website, "MuslimGirl", which serves to help give a platform for the voices of Muslim women. Talks about how Muslim women should be represented on her channel. Did a collaboration video with Hannah Witton titled, "Can You Be a Muslim Feminist?" where she answered, yes. As a result, Amani has received harassment from the anti-feminist "skeptic" community.
  • AmeliaAce(link): Makes videos talking about asexuality.
  • Anna Doub(link): Intersectional feminist who makes videos about certain topics such as body image, gender roles, and slut shaming.
  • Anna Akana(link): Feminist comedian who makes videos such as calling out fake news, and also making it clear that boys should be given better instructions about what consent is.
  • AnticsintheForbiddenZone(link):
  • Ashley Hardell(link): Makes videos discussing LGBTQ+ topics. Called out anti-feminism with her video titled, "Hey, Anti-Feminists..." that she did with Riley Dennis.
  • Ashley Olafsen(link): Author of the book, Survival of the Prettiest. Makes videos discussing issues such as human trafficking, unhealthy relationships, and calling out school dress-codes as well as defending sex education in schools. Co-founder of MOVE, an organization dedicated to helping teenage girls by promoting self confidence and positive body image as well as encouraging those girls to reach out and ask for help when they need it.
  • Ava Gordy(link):
  • Big Bad Chinese Mama(link): No, MGTOWers, actually Asian women aren't subservient doormats.
  • Blag Hag(link)
  • the Bronx Blogger(link):
  • Cameron Esposito(link): Feminist comedian that's part of Take My Wife.
  • catrific(link):
  • ceedling(link): Contributor to Everyday Feminism.
  • Cerian Jenkins(link):
  • Chloé Jean Osmond(link): Made a video discussing privilege that came under fire from Bearing and his fans. Continued to make video despite the harassment she was receiving and eventually addressed the nasty comments she got in another video she made.
  • chrisiousity(link): Made a video illustrating how horrible the jokes that members of the manosphere were making were, including Sargon's "I wouldn't even rape you comment," he made towards Jess Phillips, and the Satiratician making fun of a 13 year-old girl.
  • Chyaz(link):
  • Cody Briscoe(link): An openly gay YouTuber who he makes commentaries on the strangest videos he's ever seen along with a Daryl Dixon pillow and his dog Iggy. Occasionally comments on the videos of MRA's including Atticus the Deathmetaler's video on the word "Bae",[5] Warcorpse666's regarding people women dying their armpit hair,[6] Kevin Lande's video regarding the three things he learned about modern feminism, assumedly from a Men's Rights Reddit page,[7] BlueMagus's response to his video on GamerGate,[8] MrFlipperInvader782's video response to Laci Green's video on victim blaming,[9] MrRepzion's video involving a student getting expelled from college based on a potentially biased news source,[10] and did two videos on Modelshidden2 for saying sexist words towards women.[11] Has done a video on Christian YouTuber Joseph Martelli regarding how disgusting gay people are.[12] Called out Raykirkland555 for defending Phil Robertson's bigotry.
  • Danny Korcz(link): Male feminist who has a commentary series where he illustrates the stupidity of antifeminist arguments and, with the help of Microwavemeshow's writing, illustrates them to his audience. Many of the people he responds to are cowards hiding behind avatars targeting teenage girls. Has played a role in calling out iMustDestroyAll for his pedophilia.
  • devilsfoodcake69(link): Makes videos exposing the stupidity of antifeminists, such as GageMcRantsInPants, Mr. Repzion, and Naked Ape. Also makes comedy videos such as "Egalitarianism4Life" where he pointed out the stupidity of egalitarianism. The main person responsible for bringing light of iMustDestroyAll's pedophilia to the world.
  • Dodie Clark(link): British musician who writes about her own songs. On her vlog channel, she serves to be a source of inspiration for people, such as her ASMR video where she told people how beautiful they were and how they mean to her. Is friends of Hannah Witton and even made a video with her regarding feminism. Said she loves who she loves in a video regarding her sexuality, even going as far to say, "I don't fall in love with men or women. I fall in love with people." She is also willing to discuss things such as depression and the insecurities that happen in her life, such as depression and sexual abuse.
  • ElectricMayhem87(link): Makes videos illustrating the sophistry and stupidity that is used by the "skeptic" community. Her favorite target that she often makes fun of is Undoomed.
  • Elin Lysell(link): Became a target of harassment when Irate Bear took her "Why I'm a Feminist" video and challenged everyone in the anti-feminist community to make video responses to it.
  • Emma Popcorn(link): Makes sketch comedy videos on her channel, including a video where she educates her friend Brad (also played by Emma) about feminism really is and isn't.
  • Emma Ruse (as lifeofaunicorn)(link): Recently new feminist whose main goals are to inspire people. She once believed in the concepts of feminism but was too afraid to call herself a feminist as she was too afraid to call herself that before. Now unafraid to admit that she's a feminist. Her most recent video was called "Enjoy the Little Things!" where she tells people to enjoy the basic necessities of life. Also made a video calling out bisexual erasure as part of her "Sexuality September" series.
  • Émilie Joy(link): YouTuber who makes videos discussing veganism. Made a video titled, "I'M A FEMINIST (& YOU SHOULD BE TOO)", though she does admitted in the comments of her video that she realizes there are certain things within feminism that she doesn't agree with and she doesn't expect everyone to agree with the points she made in her video.
  • Erika Lynae(link): YouTuber who talks about sex on the internet though has made a few videos discussing social issues, such as the video regarding male entitlement.
  • Fandom Matters(link): Social justice advocate who makes videos discussing what's going on in certain fan communities.
  • Fawn Mead(link): Came under fire in early 2016 when her "Your Argument Sucks" video, used to illustrate the bad arguments people use against feminism, got responded to by virtually everybody in the anti-feminist community.
  • Feminist Frequency(link): YouTube review channel run by Anita Sarkeesian. She has come under fire for her opinions due to channels like Thunderf00t and several others taking her out of context. She is often subjected to harassment and death threats from fanboys of these channels.
  • Feministe(link)
  • Feministing(link)
  • Franchesca Ramsey (as chescaleigh)(link): Host of MTV Decoded where she discusses race issues. Is a frequent target among the anti-feminist/anti-SJW community.
  • Freya Howard(link):
  • fuckyoutoo(link): Made videos calling out Mike Pence for getting offended for at Hamilton as well as calling out the concept of manspreading.
  • Gaby Dunn(link): LGBT YouTube channel and intersectional feminist.
  • Garrett(link): Male feminist
  • GayWrites(link): Channel dedicated to discussing LGBTQ+ issues including discussing the Transphobia taking place in America as a result of Donald Trump's victory and debunking the myths about bisexuality.
  • Ginny McQueen(link): Feminist YouTuber who believes that mental health and feminism are linked.
  • Go Fem Yourself(link): Feminist who doesn't hold her opinions back. Made videos calling out TERFs, as well as calling out people who use their freedom of speech to threaten other people.
  • Hannah Witton(link): Makes videos regarding the concept of feminism. In her feminism Q&A video, she told the people that she didn't mind if they disagreed with her so long as the comments she received were respectful and weren't attack her or each other. Brings up the issue that men are suffering and that they need just as much help as women.
  • hbomberguy(link): Male feminist, comedy slant on videos. Known for the "A measured response" videos.
  • Izzy Inkpen(link): Friend of Emma Ruse and made a video defending her entitled "Importance of the Word Feminism".
  • jadedculture(link): Marxist YouTuber that illustrated how Marxism was being misrepresented. Talks about systematic forms of oppression and made a video calling out white feminism, as in feminism that only appeals to white women when it should be intersectional.
  • Jennifer Rostock(link): A German feminist rockband. The titular singer sang an anti-AfD song that subsequently went viral.
  • Jesse Springer(link): Intersectional feminist who makes videos about a variety of different subjects. Admitted that she's an optimist and likes to see the best every situation despite how critical she can be. Doesn't bring it often but in her self image video for 2016, admitted she was an atheist. Political science major in college. Talks about the pop culture that she loves. Mentions in her music snobs video how just because you may not like a musician or song doesn't automatically that their aren't people out there who like the musician or the song and vice versa.
  • Jessica Mackey(link): Feminist and make-up artist. While most of her videos are fun, make-up related videos, she does bring up more serious topics, such as voting and how it should be talked about more.
  • JodySinead(link): Makes videos in regards to topics shut as freedom of speech shouldn't automatically be consequence free as well as videos in regards to how feminism helps men out to.
  • Josie Callaway(link):
  • justkissmyfrog(link): British feminist vlogger. Part of Hannah Witton's Banging Book Club along with Lucy Moon.
  • Kelly Kitagawa(link): Intersectional feminist who makes videos regarding certain subjects such as how it's okay to be single, and also says how she hates how some YouTubers are making videos for all the wrong reasons.
  • Kendall Rae(link): Made a video calling out Trisha Paytas's video on why you should vote for Donald Trump and calling out her stupidity. In that same video, she called out Donald Trump as a media man, and how Muslim Americans were horrified by the 9/11 attacks.
  • Kendra Mae(link): Made a video providing support for transgender people titled, "Dear Transgender People".
  • Kristi Winters(link): A liberal atheist who is a source of information when it comes to feminism that when she challenged Sargon of Akkad to a debate, she was able to provide the better arguments. Is known for illustrating why feminism is still needed in the western world.
  • Krizzy(link):
  • Lady Columbia(link):
  • Lady of the Lake(link): Makes videos exposing the stupidity of anti-SJWs as well as calling Jenny McDermott out for her transphobia.
  • Lefty Cartoons(link) Creates left-wing comics.
  • LauraLaura(link):
  • Let's Get Real(link): Despite the small subscriber count, it's a collaboration channel between Jessica Mackey, Kendra Mae, and Christa Cutie. Their first topic of discussion was about sex education.
  • Linda Sarsour(link): Muslim feminist and co-chair of the Women's March 2017 as a result of protesting the Trump inauguration.
  • Lindsay Ellis (as Nostalgia Chick)(link): Internet movie reviewer in association with Channel Awesome.
  • Lucy Moon(link): Feminist vlogger who is often known for discussing her body image and how she struggling with as well as the steps she is taking to be more positive about her body in her videos. Is part of Hannah Witton's banging book club.
  • Mabasei(link):
  • Magical Molly(link): Feminist YouTuber who makes vlog videos. Among her vlogs are occasionally poems, including one illustrating how "nice guys" aren't really that nice. Creator of the EXISTING series, which serves to allow women to have their own individual voices as Molly and her guest in each video discuss certain topics that have impacted their lives such as sexism in society and presenting it on a personal level.
  • Maja Anushka(link): Feminist YouTuber who came under fire from Undoomed and his fanboys when she made the video Feminism Also Helps Men. The point she was trying to make in that video was that if you get rid of the gender roles, which is what feminism is fighting for, then men would be able to open up about their problems and be able to have a shoulder to cry on... and Undoomed completely dismissed her solution. Because of the personal attacks made on her, she was forced to take the video down because of how unsafe she felt. In another video she made, in regards to the Undoomed situation, she even said that she didn't mind if people disagreed with her as it makes things interesting but she doesn't like physical attacks made on her, such as how she looks or her voice. Even admitted that she never actually felt hatred towards anybody the way Undoomed and his fanboys had towards her as even the people who are insulting to you are still people.
  • Marinashutup(link): (also known as marinashutup) Semi-popular feminist YouTuber known for her series called "Feminist Friday", where she discusses a topic related to feminism. She also occasionally makes vlogs that can be completely off-topic or only vaguely related to her channel's theme. She has been the target of harassment, racism, and general misogyny from anti-feminist YouTubers such as Bearing and Undoomed, most of those attacks being unwarranted. Marina also writes for a blog called Everyday Feminism and her videos and articles have been featured in online news publications.
  • masta flex(link): Male feminist YouTuber who made videos calling out people such as NateTalkstoYou's video regarding women on the streets being catcalled where he attempted to downplay sexual assault, as well as calling out other prominent anti-feminists such as Thunderf00t, Sargon of Akkad, BASSFZz, Shoe0nhead and Lauren Southern.
  • Megan MacKay(link): Canadian feminist and comedian. Creator of the hashtag #UntrollTheInternet after her "Is Political Correctness Ruining Comedy?" video got targeted by Bearing.
  • Michael Rowlands(link): Is known for his series where he deconstructs antifeminist arguments, known as "Why Do Antifeminists Hate Feminism". In response to hatred he's gotten from several members of the manosphere, he has another series where he makes fun of their fans titled "White Knights of the Manosphere".
  • Michea B(link): Makes videos dealing with the topics of how reproductive rights are under attack and how just because you're a trans person doesn't automatically mean you can't be transphobic. Called out YouTube for it's restricted mode.
  • Michelle Elman(link): British YouTuber with a focus on body positivity.
  • Millie Goode(link):
  • Milo Stewart(link): Transgender YouTuber who often comes under fire from the anti-feminist community. Is often taken out of context because of people who have failed to watch the video such as his "Subconscious Biases" video.
  • Monica Ogden(link): Hosts a show titled "Fistful of Feminism" that serves to discuss the basic concepts of feminism. Has come under fire for her opinions, such as the video where she discusses privileges that people have.
  • neonfiona(link): Bisexual feminist who makes videos about certain topics such as reverse racism and how it doesn't exist, and sexual abuse online such as the Sam Pepper incident.
  • nerdwithavoice(link):
  • Ophelia Brown(link):
  • Orlagh Marie(link):
  • Over17Mirrors(link): British vlogger who makes videos discussing issues such as feminism. During the burkini ban in France, said that Muslim women should be allowed to wear whatever they feel comfortable wearing.
  • Owen Macdonald(link): Male feminist and socialist. Makes videos regarding topics such as how horrible slut and fat shaming are as well as videos criticizing the capitalist system.
  • Pandagon(link)
  • Philosophy Tube(link):
  • A Privileged Vegan(link): YouTube channel that makes pro-intersectional content. Realizes that patriarchy plays a role in the systematic oppression of animals as well as calling out Unnatural Vegan for not being intersectional in regards to her veganism.
  • Queer Kid Stuff(link): An educational channel dedicated to teaching children about the LGBT community.
  • rabbidluigi(link): A countdown artist known for making several video game countdowns. While his stuff is more light-hearted in nature, when he feels like it he makes more serious content. Is anti-gamergate and critical of Anita Sarkeesian. [13]
  • rachtale(link):
  • Ranting Feminist(link): Despite her title name, Ranting Feminist's videos are actually relatively tame. Makes videos discussing antifeminist arguments and debunking them such including a video illustrating how Milo Yiannopoulos actually wins his arguments against feminists.
  • Rez Please(link): Makes videos discussing progressive politics, social issues and mental issues. Has made several videos debunking Pizzagate.
  • Riley J. Dennis(link): Makes videos discussing gender and politics. Doesn't mind people disagreeing with her opinion as long as they hear out what she has to say first. Has often been the target of antifeminist harassment because of the fact that she is a non-binary trans woman, most of the harassment being unwarranted.
  • Rosianna Halse Rojas(link):
  • Rowan Ellis(link): YouTuber who makes videos in regards to talking about LGBTQ+ topics. Recently brought up the issue of educational LGBTQ+ videos being censored on YouTube with their restricted mode and how toxic something like this really is. It's especially toxic if the children comes from a religious family.
  • Sandra Meland (as Sammie)(link): Made a video explaining why she's a feminist and came under attack from anti-feminist YouTuber Bearing because of it. As a result of Bearing's responses made to her, Sammie made two follow up videos where she stood her ground admitting how she was the girl from Bearing's video and a video where she responded to the hate comments she's received. Is also a big sister and singer.
  • Sarah Rae Vargas(link):
  • Savannah Brown(link): Known for her poetry, her most notable ones being "What Guys Look for in Girls" (which basically served as a video response to Nash Grier's video), and "Hi, I'm a Slut" (which is a video detailing how horrible slut-shaming is.
  • Shaun and Jen(link): Male feminist who often points out when certain articles, videos, and movies are taken out of context because the people making the comments didn't even bother to watch/read.
  • Sick Mouth(link):
  • Skepchick(link)
  • SpectrumPulse(link): An internet reviewer who talks about "music, movies, art, and culture". Though he doesn't mention this often, Mark is admit on a few occassions to being a male feminist, such as in his review of RaeLyn's "God Made Girls",[14]. Made video condemning Dr. Luke's actions and provided support for pop singer Ke$ha after she was not allowed to be let go from her contract.[15] Also called out how disgusting Shawn Mendes's "nice-guy" act was on his review of his sophomore album.
  • STEMFatale(link):
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You - HowStuffWorks(link):
  • Susie Speaks(link): Made a video discussing the concept of ensuring menstrual products are to be given to those who cannot afford them. Said near the end of that video that she likes to hear other perspectives.
  • Tainted Liberal(link):
  • TheFilminist(link): Reviewer who makes videos regarding topics such as aromanticism, things that can be done to promote healthy relationships, how to be an ally of the feminist community, and brought up discussions about how the final girl to call out the stereotyping of women in horror movies.
  • Thom Avella(link): Is know for his series, Buzzwords of the Right, where he illustrates common buzzwords right-wingers use and how they have no grounds in reality. Also, made a video calling out Anthony Fantano's #Resist Supercut.
  • Those Pesky Dames(link): Five UK women trying to educate people about what feminism by trying to teach them that it isn't about hatred towards men. Talks about subjects such as domestic abuse, street harassment, slut shaming, prude shaming, body positivity, and other topics.
  • Unpopular Opinion(link): YouTube channel dedicated to questioning anti-social justice ranters including Armoured Skeptic and Sargon of Akkad.
  • Victoria Scott(link):
  • waymuu(link): Mentioned briefly in his "Me vs Myself" video that he's willing to call himself a feminist. Made videos making fun of the ranting community, warcorpse666, and TheAtheistGamer.
  • We Hunted the Mammoth(link): Documents and comments on the many instances of idiocy, misinformation and misogyny within the MRA, MGTOW and PUA movements. Formerly ManBoobz.com.
  • Welcome To My Vagina(link): Comedy channel that highlights serious issues such as cat-calling. Encouraged a call of arms in regards to the Women's March 2017.
  • Willia(link): Queer feminist YouTuber who makes videos with the sole purpose of positivity, entertainment, and discussion. Assists in providing education regarding basic LGBT+ terms.
  • Wisperwynd(link):
  • Yara Jane(link): Makes videos in regards to social justice issues including discussions regarding racism taking place in North America. Collaborated with See Different on a video titled, "WHY IS IT CALLED FEMINISM || See Different". As a result of that video, she got targeted by Bearing and his fans.
  • zofie darling(link): Jewish vegan who makes videos involving veganism, feminism, and the LGBTQ+ community.

[edit] Religion

  • Adherents.com(link): Lots of interesting data.

[edit] Christianity

  • AskThatAshley(link): Christian YouTuber who serves as a shoulder to cry on. Wants her channel to help spread love and encouragement into other people's lives. Made a video on why she is both a Christian and a feminist and how Jesus was also a feminist as well.
  • BibleGateway.com(link): For Bible quotes in multiple translations and languages. Fully searchable.
  • Epydemic2020(link): A Christian apologist whose videos revolve mostly around the moral argument for God.
  • FarAwayDistance(link): A nice girl who makes videos about Christianity and her faith. Tries being as nice to people who may disagree with her as possible.
  • Katie Gregoire(link): Christian YouTuber from Canada who is known for being the relationship guru who has never been in a relationship. Despite being a Christian, she doesn't shove her beliefs down people's throats, and a good majority of her videos are aimed to help teenage girls live healthy, fulfilling lives. Doesn't think Harry Potter is something that should be avoided like a good majority of God-fearing Christians.
  • LizziesAnswers(link): Makes videos talking about her relationship with God and her religion. She also occasionally makes videos defending social justice issues such as "WHY I'M A FEMINIST AND A CHRISTIAN" as well as occasionally making videos where she discusses her depression. Despite being Christian, has openly admitted she has friends who are agnostic and atheist and even admitted in a video titled, "WHY CHRISTIANS BECOME ATHEISTS & Proof for Christianity," how angered she felt by this one sermon bashing atheists and atheists by throwing around stereotypes of them.
  • RationalRoundtable(link): Christian who offers rational discussions for faith.
  • ReligiousFreaks.com(link): Open discussion between believers and non believers.
  • ReligiousTolerance.org(link): VERY informative and unbiased resource on various religions.
  • RomanMissalExegete(link): A Roman Catholic vlogger. Most of his videos deal with philosophy or explain Catholic theology.
  • Tektontv(link): Channel of apologist and cartoonist James Patrick Holding of Tektonics fame. While he can be particularly condescending to skeptics, especially ProfMTH, his videos have informative content.
  • Tentmaker Ministries(link): a Unitarian Universalist site dedicated to debunking religious exclusion while supporting science.
  • ThePuppyTurtle(link): An ex-YEC and ex-Nephilimfree fanboy, his channel's content focuses mainly on religious topics. However, he has several playlists dedicated to refuting creationism, UFO enthusiasts, and what he perceives as flawed arguments made by atheists.
  • TogetherForPeace(link): An Eastern Orthodox vlogger who describes himself as "A Christian talking with atheists & others." He originally started his channel as a means for interfaith communication between Christians and Muslims, but he later decide to communicate with atheists as well. He has (accurately) described YouTube as "The Jerry Springer Show on crack."
  • Ukchristian28(link): A Reformed Evangelical Christian from Great Britain. The subjects of his videos vary from criticism of certain atheists, theology, to criticism of fundamentalists. He has stated that he is neutral towards the evolution/creationism debate, but considers Young Earth Creationism to be absurd.

[edit] Atheism

  • 43alley(link): Atheist from the deeply religious southern United States who is very knowledgeable in the Bible and is the creator of the popular "An Atheist Reads the Bible" series.
  • About.com: Atheism/Agnosticism(link)
  • AndromedasWake(link): A very knowledgeable atheist in the fields of cosmology and astronomy, mainly known for debunking creationist astronomy propaganda.
  • AngryWomble(link): A British geologist who has been known to be a NephilimFree repellent. Once caused Neph to ragequit in under three minutes. Notably she does not make any YouTube videos of her own although she is a regular member of SkepticTV.
  • Anthony Magnabosco(link): Does tons of videos about street epistemology.
  • AntiCitizenX(link): He makes some rather exhaustive refutations of common apologetic arguments, very philosophy and logic-oriented.
  • Antybu86(link): The guy who exposed the Atheist Antidote's plagiarism, and refutes various claims by conservatives and theists.
  • AronRa(link): An atheist and student of paleontology, speaks at an inhuman rate but despite the rough, angry exterior, is remarkably astute. Makes a series of science-education videos for middle-school children. Also writes at Patheos. His blog is at Ace of Clades(link).
  • Atheist Nexus(link): An international community of atheists.
  • Atheist Mom(link):
  • Baud2Bits(link): The guy who demolishes Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and the like; has a Holy Bible Verse By Verse series; plus numerous videos on science, history and neuroscience with a skeptical bias.
  • Betty Bowers(link): Satire of an uber-conservative fundamentalist Christian woman.
  • BlissfulMelancholy(link):
  • Bob Smeerfak(link):
  • Braxton McCoy(link): A veteran, comedian and atheist that makes funny YouTube videos in similar format to a standup routine.
  • Brett Palmer(link): The Bible Skeptic's YouTube channel, a skeptic who has made a video series explaining scientific inaccuracies in the Book of Genesis as well as other videos.
  • BurnCoalition(link): Is known for his rant videos. One of them is his video response to Dusty Smith, where he criticized Dusty for comparing religion to cancer, despite being an atheist himself. Help in illustrating how iMustDestroyAll takes advantage of depressed, insecure girls.
  • C0ct0pusPrime(link): An atheist vlogger, many of his videos are critical of Fox News as well as other news sources. Currently he has over 20,000 subscribers.
  • C0nc0rdance(link): A strong defender of evolution, also well known for making video series examining medical pseudoscience.
  • Captain Andy(link): Spent most of his early videos calling out the religious right especially how atheism is not a mental illness. Called out TL;DR for his racism and sexism and now defends feminism.
  • Cdk007(link): Well-known YouTube scientist, best known for making videos that debunk creationism and promoting science.
  • ChattiestSpike2(link): An atheist who covers topics relating to debunking creationist claims and is currently working on a digital arts degree.
  • Chris Rodda(link): A MRFF researcher who specializes in debunking the lies of David Barton.
  • CircusOfBedlam(link): A photo editor who pieces together very creative videos backed by monologues. Seeks to collaborate with other YouTubers.
  • ContraPoints(link): Commentary on atheism, science, politics, culture, and life in general from a philosophical perspective. Also some history of philosophy thrown in on occasion. Coined the term "pop feminism" in response to videos that weren't made for the purpose of academic review.
  • CoolHardLogic(link): is a very staid Brit who makes videos dissecting and demonstrating to be wrong such things as geocentrism, homeopathy, and batshit insanity.
  • CreationistCrap(link): Quite possibly the largest collection of creationist videos on YouTube.
  • csbair(link): Has many videos debunking or flat out making fun of fundamentalist creationists. Makes speaking in monotone sound awesome. Part of the BlogTV show "SkepticTV," which took part in the 12 Hour NephilimFree Science Gangbang Skype call.
  • CuteFuzzyWeasel(link): Agnostic who has a series of videos called "Feeding the Trolls", where he looks at the most obnoxious personalities on the internet, several of which being right wing fundamentalist Christians, and makes videos analyzing what it is about their videos that don't work. For example, he debunked a video entitled "50 Reasons How Gay Marriage Affects Society". In spite of his uncertain stance in regards to God, he admits that he is willing to make compromises and how being able to open up and compromise help fix the problems.[16] He knows when certain topics are too inappropriate to talk about, such as James the Preacher commenting on the Connecticut School Shootings, or Captain Crazification insulting the death of JewWario by blaming it on the feminists. Made a video rant on Donald Trump regarding him wanting to close the internet off.[17]
  • DarkMatter2525(link): Creates videos, mostly animations, poking fun at fundamentalist religious views. Has some problems concerning Islam and feminism, but these do not make up the vast majority of his arguments or videos.
  • demotivatoropinion(link): A progressive liberal who makes videos detailing the problems that takes place within the "skeptic" community and how people who several members of that skeptical atheist community who, several years ago, would've called out conservative wingnuttery have abandoned their skepticism by endorsing Donald Trump because he agrees with them politically. Has taken a stand against doxxing no matter what side of the argument the person he's referring to is on and is willing to call out when violence being used is wrong.
  • Discovering Religion(link): A guy who has has created a series named "DiscoveringReligion" its aim is to explain the problems with religion and debunk scientific things that creationist attempt to debunk (e.g evolution). Highly recommended for its editing.
  • Dogma Debate with David Smalley(link)
  • DonExodus2(link): An evolutionary biologist. His videos are usually geared towards showing the evidence for evolution. Has said in the past he was a Christian, although in his most recent videos, he has reexamined his faith, and declared atheism until he finds evidence of God.
  • Edward Current(link): An atheist playing a Stephen Colbert-type parody of fundamentalist Christians. He has also made serious videos criticizing 9/11 truthers.
  • Emery Bowman(link): Defend the teenage girls iMustDestroyAll was blackmailing during the incident between MDA and Marbles (devilsfoodcake69). Has a series titled "Tard Guard" where he wants to prevent the people he's targeting, such as GageMcRantsInPants, from hurting other people.
  • EssenceOfThought(link): Made a video calling out BASSFZz regarding the how the right to question religion should be defended. Also made a video calling out The Atheist Gamer, entitled, "Dealing with an Atheist on Feminism". Also, made a video calling out StateOfDaniel regarding his defense of iEmmanuela as well as calling out Theodore Shoebat.
  • Everyone's "atheism" community on Google+(link): Website at http://www.atheism-community.com/
  • Evid3nc3(link): Once a critic of VenomFangX, most of his videos are part of an extensive ongoing autobiographical account of his deconversion from fundamentalist Christianity.
  • Evil Bible.com(link): Dissection of non-Christian messages in Christian text.
  • EvoGenVideos(link): College student majoring in genetics. He has spent some extensive effort debunking and countering claims by race realists. Calls people 'sunshine' and 'snowflake' and makes it sound awesome.
  • ExtantDodo(link): Long videos debunking everything Kent Hovind ever dared utter. Also provided long videos debunking Ray Comfort, Janet Folger, John Pendleton, Ken Ham, and other well known creationists.
  • Feredir28(link): An atheist historian and staunch critic of creationism.
  • FSAthe1st(link): A well-known user for making videos debunking creationism and pseudoscience.
  • Finite Atticus(link): Openly gay atheist who is known for documenting his deconversion from Christianity.
  • FundieVideoHell(link): Quite possibly the largest collection of fundamentalist videos ever assembled in one place. Run by RationalWiki user Android (YouTube user AndroidAR(link)).
  • Gary Edwards(link): Professional philosopher specializing in debunking "natural theologians", or those who engage in persuasive philosophical apologetics.
  • Grappling Ignorance(link): Makes videos on atheism and topics on life.
  • GreatBigBore(link): A morally outraged atheist best known for pointing out atrocities committed in the bible as well as his "God Needs a Quality Control Department" series, which exposes lies by theistic apologists.
  • Holy Koolaid(link): A friendly atheist YouTuber promoting scientific skepticism through animations.
  • International Humanist and Ethical Union(link)
  • Internet Infidels(link): Also called the Secular Web.
  • Iron Chariots(link): Comprehensive Counter-apologetics wiki founded by Matt Dillahunty.
  • Jesus Never Existed(link): various counter-apologetics and biblical history articles by Kenneth Humphreys
  • kalsolaruk(link): British guy who makes comedy-style stand-up and animated videos pointing out biblical stupidities. Also see his kalsolaruk's "Biblical speed reading and believing competition" video on YouTube.
  • Kayleigh Kill(link): Internet vlogger who is mainly known for making unboxing videos and reviews as well as nerd culture like Harry Potter and Dr. Who. Tried a bunch of different religions but couldn't find the one that fit for her. Tries not to get political, but she's someone you don't want to mess with when she does. Was actually able to look at both sides of the "Elliott Rodger incident", as she agreed with both Laci Green and JaclynGlenn's points. She realized that it was his mental disabilities, such as his signs of Asperger's Syndrome, that fueled his misogyny. Recently made videos calling Donald Trump out as a threat to America as a vote for Trump would be harmful to her friend who was of Muslim descent, and that intolerance regarding everything Trump and his campaign stands for would not be tolerated anymore.[18] Admitted that she was a feminist in a video calling out Sam Pepper and acknowledges how women who go against feminism will benefit and suffer from any political and social changes made against women in regards to what they can and cannot do.[19] Believes in the rights of basic human privacy.
  • Kat Blaque(link):
  • Kevin Logan(link): British Atheist who is known for making a series called "The descent of the Man-osphere". The series features him pointing out the stupidity of several members of the MRA and MGTOW movements such as Davis Aurini, Roosh V, BASSFZz, Bearing, Matt Forney, and various others. Know for rushing to the defenses of Anita Sarkeesian, Steve Shives, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Laci Green, and Jacq'd Up. Has a cat that constantly wants chicken.
  • King Crocoduck(link): A fusion of classic Aron Ra, Potholer54 and Thunderf00t (that hasn't fallen off the rails) taking on more modern creationists. Speaks to intersectionality of feminism.
  • KnownNoMore(link): Norwegian atheist who makes videos on logic and epistemology.
  • Lee Lemon(link):
  • lefayad1991(link): A recent out of the closet atheist who while a Christian debunked many creationist videos. A current university student double majoring in History and Political Science. Member of SkepticTV.
  • lithodidman(link): A biologist who makes many videos debunking creationist videos.
  • Martymer81(link): Swedish physics teacher and debunker; has a series entitled "Why Do People Laugh at Spirit Science?".
  • Matt Dillahunty's channel(link):
  • MockingAsshole Discusses(link): Made video responses to channels like TheAtheistGamer for his unoriginality, Hunter Avallone for failing to understand feminism (despite him not being a feminist himself), and James the Preacher's bigotry when it came to transgender people.
  • Mr. Deity(link): Comedy series based on the domestic life of God.
  • Myles Power(link): Skeptic and biologist. Most videos are him debunking and criticizing conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, and bad science.
  • Netwriter(link): A Native American, Vietnam veteran, and former Christian who has knowledge about the Bible and has provided many videos examining it.
  • Nightmare Fuel(link): Liberal YouTuber who does an amazing job calling out the so-called "skeptic" community for blindly supporting and defending Donald Trump as well as criticizing Vladimir Putin and the regressive left.
  • NonStampCollector(link): An Australian vlogger who makes cartoons about the ridiculousness of the God of the Bible. He tends to portrays theists as uncritical buffoons.
  • paulchartley(link): British atheist also known as "Phantom Video Productions" and "The Holyghost Busters". Offers snarky refutations of fundamentalism, creationism and the Bible. Uncovered Ray Comfort's use of cue cards in his anti-abortion movie "180".
  • PaulsEgo(link): An American atheist. Reminiscent of The Amazing Atheist, but less rough. Often likes to tell stories about his past.
  • Philhellenes(link): Makes excellent videos pertaining to science and religion. His video, "Why Don'tSUBST: Scientists Fear Hell?" is recommended.
  • Potholer54(link): A British journalist with a degree in geology. His "The Universe Made Easy" series is (or rather, was, since it is now finished) very popular, and is usually highly regarded. He is also known for his debunking of creationism and global warming denial.
  • Potholer54debunks(link): Potholer54's channel dedicated to debunking pseudoscience.
  • ProfMTH(link): A university professor and atheist who creates videos debunking biblical literalism and common arguments for theism. Many of his videos also pertain to homosexuality in the Bible and in a religious context.
  • proteanview(link): A gay atheist who frequently speaks out against Zionism, as well as providing his perspective on a wider variety of other topics. Hence , his YouTube handle. Occasionally serves as a foil to Pat Condell's pro-zionism /anti-muslim immigrant videos
  • QualiaSoup(link): A debunker of theism and other fallacious belief systems.
  • Rebecca Watson(link):
  • Red's Rhetoric(link): Astronomy channel. Red also debunks claims and videos made by flat-earthers.
  • Religious Antagonist(link): A provocative, irreverent, blasphemous, controversial and sacrilegious man, Mike sets to make fun of and humiliate the religions of this world.
  • Richard "The Dick" Coughlan(link): A British atheist, who enjoys shouting at his webcam against religion and racism. Also a stand-up comedian.
  • Richard Dawkins Foudation for Reason & Science(link).
  • SisyphusRedeemed(link): Professional philosopher, apatheist and rationalist, his videos are very insightful and he is a terribly knowledgeable chap.
  • Somegreybloke(link): British cartoon character Graham Murkett humourously talks about current events and makes fun of cranks.
  • SoretaYuki(link): Sarcastic Welsh atheist. Smokes like a chimney. Best known for his feud with UrbanStylezMemphis, otherwise known as James Tony.
  • Spikesmth(link): An atheist who makes many outstanding videos debunking religion and pseudoscience and strongly supports reason and science.
  • Steve Shives(link): Known for his "5 stupid things" video series and his video critics on the works of famous Christian apologetics from CS Lewis's Mere Christianity to Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life. Social justice advocate, speaks on intersectionality, politics and critical of atheists as much as anyone else. Avid wrestling fan, posts actual good news and makes funny videos with stuffed animals.
  • Tim Minchin(link): Songs against religion.
  • The Bible Reloaded(link): Their videos focus on Bible study mixed with pop culture and some humor. Better known for dramatic readings of Chick Tracks and long form movie reviews (such as God's Not Dead) called Atheists Watch.
  • The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster(link)
  • The Freedom From Religion Foundation(link)
  • The Thinking Atheist‬‎(link): A former Christian of 30 years who makes satirical videos of a professional quality. Also mirrors all podcasts.
  • The Thinking Atheist(link)
  • The1janitor(link): Makes videos often criticizing sexism, racism, or other biases in society. While he occasionally walks on eggshells on certain issues like Gamergate or "negging" (though he does criticize the "assholes" of said issues, which is something), his overall intentions seem well, and his videos are often filled with informative and rational content.
  • TheLivingDinosaur(link): A brilliant biochemist with a degree who makes many videos debunking creationism and anti-science videos. He is noted for his "Holy Hallucination" series, and making fun of the subjects of said videos.
  • TheMessianicManic(link):
  • TheoreticalBullshit(link): Real name Scott Clifton, he is an American actor and musician. He is also an atheist and refutes religious claims using philosophical points. His argument against the Kalam Cosmological Argument has recently come under the attention of William Lane Craig.
  • TheraminTrees(link): Brother of QualiaSoup. Makes similar videos.
  • TheTruePooka(link): An angry New York atheist and Jewish apostate. Rages against the political abuses of the moral majority and frequently instructs viewers, if they should find something upsetting, to just pet the cat.
  • TrustingDoubt(link): Channel owned by Valerie Tarico, a psychologist and former fundamentalist. She is known for her fantastic video series explaining how God is a complete human construction.
  • TruthSurge(link): An ex-Christian atheist who makes many excellent videos on the historicity of religion and Christianity.
  • Underlings(link): Atheist who uses the Bible against Christianity itself and uses it to show that if the God of the bible exists, he is necessarily evil. Illustrates evils that the Bible has including murder and genocide, animal and human sacrifice, torture, child abuse, animal abuse, theft, slavery, pedophilia, rape, incest, cannibalism, betrayal, and lying by citing from the Bible itself as traditional methods of science wasn't enough to convince fundamentalist Christians.
  • undertakerfreak1127(link): Once a militant atheist, but recently began to mature as his thought process developed. Recently admitted that rape culture did exist in America, and that it was hurting both women and men and even acknowledged that women got paid less in the same fields that men work in.
  • ViolentlyGraceful(link): Skeptic who makes great videos on the old testament and promoter of Documentary hypothesis.
  • WildwoodClaire(link): Native North Carolinan geologist who debunks YEC claims and provides the occasional geology-centric video.
  • XandarsMeteor(link): Creator of of the Atheist Impact series consisting of several videos of about an hour long.
  • Xoroaster(link): A well read user who exposes fallacious beliefs in the Bible and uses historical context.
  • Zinnia Jones(link): Covers LGBTQ and atheist topics. ZJ is possibly the single most prominent genderqueer vlogger on Youtube and has also joined Freethoughtblogs.com.
  • ZOMGitsCriss(link): Romanian. Most subscribers can't stop calling her "hot." Also on Freethoughtblogs.com. Is critical of Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh.[20]
  • The Secular Web(link): This site covers the whole of freethought.
  • About: Atheism/Agnosticism(link): A good all-round source for religious skepticism.
  • De-Conversion(link): is a site written by "converts" to atheism.
  • Slacktivist(link): covers religion and politics from a liberal evangelical Christian perspective, including a critical analysis of Left Behind
  • Richard Dawkins(link): forum. Ok, it's really a message board for people to talk about Richard Dawkins|Dawkins, but lots of good atheist material and more.
  • Iron Chariots(link): is a wiki devoted to apologetics and counter-apologetics.
  • Thoughtsic.com(link): A militant atheist with a radical liberal agenda to match. Occasional science-related post.
  • Evangelical Realism--A newish blog exploring reality(link):
  • The Rational Reply(link): - Jim Rational's daily replies to bizarre religious claims

[edit] Fundamentalism

  • Objective Ministries(link): A parody of fundy loons. See especially Orbital Cross Alpha.
  • Alma Geddon(link): focuses on the theme of failed doomsday prophecies. Despite a rustic web design the lists are quite thorough, covering doomsayers from 633 BCE to modern times, as well as a side article on pop cultural interpretations of doomsday.
  • Rick Ross(link): One of the better respected cult watchers. Useful site.

[edit] Humor and parody

  • NewsTechnica(link): Blog. Fake news by David Gerard.
  • Pollcats(link): Blog. LOL*captions + politicians.
  • 3 Bulls(link): Blog. Mostly just annoying, but played their part in the war on CP.
  • Sadly, No(link): Blog. Another funny moonbat blog.
  • Illuminutti(link): Blog. Great articles on what goes on in the mind of a Conspiracy Theorist.
  • The Onion(link): Parody News site. Yes, this IS the Onion.

[edit] Writing

  • Stupid Evil Bastard(link): Blog.
  • Science After Sunclipse(link): Blog. Run by Blake Stacey.
  • Odd Books by Alfred Armstrong(link): Blog. A tour through some of the weirdest material the literary world has to offer, including abundant miscellaneous kookery, proto-seduction guru Frank Harris, egotistical poetaster Amanda McKittrick Ros, and John Harvey Kellogg-wannabe Webster Edgerley (who put the Ralston in Ralston-Purina).

[edit] Shameless plugs

[edit] Just good

  • FreeRice.com(link): Feed your vocabulary while you feed hungry people. Can't get much better than that.
  • Nate Franklin(link): Posts videos of random instances of the anti-feminists quote mining somebody who decides to call themselves a feminist to show his audience how intellectually dishonest members of the anti-feminist community really are, including TL;DR quote mining Bad Mouse Productions and the several accounts of Thunderf00t quote mining Anita Sarkeesian.
  • Nathan Zed (as TheThirdPew)(link): Internet vlogger who makes videos that are involved with everyday life. Calls out the problem with modern prank videos.
  • TommyNC2010(link): His main goal is to inspire people and known for his positivity. Offered a hand of friendship to Leafyishere in order to stop the in fighting.

[edit] Footnotes

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