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Øystein Stene (1969–) is a Norwegian men's rights activist (MRA) and antifeminist. He was a relatively obscure former drama teacher and author who entered the public spotlight with a media campaign against the MeToo movement in 2018; his campaign was started in response to a petition against sexual harassment in Norwegian theaters signed by 600 women involved in Norwegian theatre, which he objected to. Stene has claimed that women who report sexual harassment are using sexual harassment as "capital." Stene has aligned himself with MannsForum, a small Norwegian self-proclaimed "masculinist" group of incels and other men who oppose feminism that is associated with the alt-right. For reasons that are unclear, Norway's largest newspaper, the right-wing tabloid daily Aftenposten (which is itself controversial for publishing conspiracy theories in the past[1]) has published numerous two-page stories covering Stene, where he gets to regurgitate why he hates feminism, based on a rather simplistic analysis, while bringing no new or interesting views to the table. Stene faced a significant backlash, as his views were widely condemned by other Norwegian dramatists, both women and men.[2] Many of his rants against feminists are evidently based on things he has read on the misogynist online forum /r/mensrights. Comically, he claims to be a "moderate" despite openly associating with cranks and extremists such as Rune Fardal and the rest of the MannsForum crowd. In 2019 he published a book on why he hates feminism, titled Mitt liv som mann (My life as a man).[3]

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