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Alliance of Christ (AoC) was a group of evangelical Christians who blogged on YouTube (primarily between 2008 and 2009), specializing in homophobic videos. The group also did some outreach work, billing itself as a safe haven for Christians facing harassment from "accusers [who are] out to destroy the cause of Christ." Later, the AoC became a base for homophobes to stand together and spread their hatred. Prominent members included Shockofgod, Krazie316, GodGunsGutsGlory, and WoodsOfJordan.

The AoC's online activities have been documented by watchdogs and critics who accuse the group of stalking, bigotry, phishing, and lying.[1][2] Some people, particularly the Trolls of Terror (see below), saw the AoC's activities as criminal and they decided to report the group.[3]

The AoC folded with the departure of user WoodsOfJordan, who could no longer tolerate the group's activities. It has not been active since September of 2011.

Trolls of Terror[edit]

The AoC's most prominent opponent was the Trolls of Terror (ToT), a group of trolls consisting of atheists, Christians and non-Christians who came together for the sheer fun of trolling. Their forum stated:

We are the Trolls of Terror Alliance! We're the new terror on YouTube. This crew is dedicated to doing as we please and enjoying ourselves! We have grown tired of the Christians on YouTube that go around preaching and shoving their religion in everybody's faces. Well, it's our turn to preach our own "gospels." We're going to fight fire with fire. We're going to troll them shitless. Even if it doesn't achieve anything in the end, at least we'll enjoy the fire show![4]

The ToT carefully watched the AoC, then made several videos of the AoC's abusive behavior, which included stalking gay couples and writing songs about "slaying fags."[5] Several times, ToT argued that some members of the AoC were breaking the law and would be reported.

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