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Smash the state
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It's not anarchy
It's anarchism!
Domestic terrorists?
I'm not a fascist, I like...
Actually fascism is cool
The chains with which you bind me have no hold over me, therefore I rebel.

Anarcho-nihilism is a nihilist post-left insurrectionist anarchist ideology. The fundamental basis of the ideology that every authority is rejected, including all forms of morality, social organization, governance, economy, and all other forms of anarchism. It is based on the 1860s Russian nihilist movementWikipedia which also rejected all authorities and shares many common values.

The anarcho-nihilist position is essentially that all current manifestations of human society and civilization are beyond salvation, and so our response to it should be one of unmitigated hostility. Anarcho-nihilism does not promote a specific vision of utopia or governance, and teaches that the path of resistance is one of pure negation.

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