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AndromedasWake is a 25-year-old YouTube user and advocate of science and rationalism, who joined on Aug 18, 2007 and currently has over 25,000 subscribers. He describes himself as an agnostic atheist. AndromedasWake is very interested in astronomy and photography, which led him to YouTube to refute many absurd creationist claims. This was the cause for his popularity, and in so doing he was most well-known for making a video series called "Creationist Astronomy Propaganda Debunked" or "CrAP debunked" which he aimed to refute creationist arguments that were not based on facts, and were rather meant to impress and confuse the uneducated. AndromedasWake also took a swing at proponents of the "expanding earth" position, as well as geocentrists (which will be addressed later).

Crap debunked[edit]

AndromedasWake's first video aimed at refuting several claims made by scientific-illiterate and charlatan Kent Hovind. The old claim that evolution and the Big Bang teaches everything came from nothing was (again) utterly refuted and rendered silenced. He also combated the old creationist argument evolution is a religion that says we came from dirt (or a rock).

Welcome to the Universe[edit]

Hoping to educate his viewers, AndromedasWake made several videos exploring the universe while giving data and facts, as well as the history of certain astronomers.


AndromedasWake made several brilliant videos refuting the YouTube geocentrist and creationist NephilimFree.

League of Reason[edit]

Andromedaswake is co-founder of the group League of Reason.

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