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Anna Kathrine Eltvik (1967–) is a Norwegian trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) and former Maoist. She was formerly a board member of Norway's Maoist Rødt (Red) party and its spokesperson for women's issues, but is better known for her transphobic activities since angrily leaving the party in 2013. She is involved with all the most extreme TERF groups in Norway, including the deceptively named transphobic hate group called the "Women's Human Rights Campaign" (WHRC). She has shared anti-trans memes that originated among neo-Nazi trolls on 4chan,[1] while at the same time being active in the Socialist Left Party.[2]

From Maoism to ostensible reformism[edit]

Eltvik was formerly a politician for Norway's Maoist Rødt (Red) party. She was a member of the city council of Bergen, one of Norway's major cities, and was a member of the national board and the party's national spokesperson for women's issues. This all came to an end in 2013, when she angrily left the party. In a press release she claimed the party ignored her views and accused party members of bullying her.[3][4]

After leaving Rødt, she joined the Socialist Left Party, which espouses a more reformist brand of socialism. She is a member of the party's women's policy committee, which has more recently become a subject of criticism in light of her transphobic activism.[2]

TERF activism[edit]

Since leaving the Rødt party, Eltvik has become best known for her transphobic activism. She is involved with all the most extreme TERF groups in Norway.

The Women Activists[edit]

Alongside former Workers' Communist Party (Maoist) activist Jane Nordlund, she is the main leader of the TERF group Kvinneaktivistene (The Women Activists), a splinter group from the radical feminist Kvinnegruppa Ottar (Women's Group Ottar). Kvinneaktivistene is purely a hate group that focuses pretty much exclusively on the war against trans people. On behalf of the group she has published several anti-trans op-eds.[5]

Women's Human Rights Campaign[edit]

For more information, see: Women's Human Rights Campaign

By her own admission[6] Eltvik is also an active member of the notorious transphobic hate group, the bizarrely-named Women's Human Rights Campaign (WHRC). Internationally, the group is well known for its collaboration with the religious far right and its perverse usurpation of the language of 'human rights' in the service of anti-trans bigotry and indeed overt anti-feminism.[7] In Norway WHRC is known for their use of seemingly Westboro Baptist Church-inspired slogans such as "stop heresy in primary schools, girls and women don't have penises" and "only women are women."[8] WHRC also engages in the usual anti-trans harassment, trolling and abusive behavior typical of extreme TERFs on social media. WHRC members in Norway frequently share material from far-right conspiracy theorists. They also have close links to the conspiracist website and to the prominent Holocaust denier Hans Olav Brendberg, with most of the leadership of the group sharing a Facebook post by Brendberg gloating over the collaboration between TERFs and the religious right against trans people.[9] WHRC has claimed that the main function of Norway's equality ombudsperson Hanne BjurstrømWikipedia is to "discriminate against women," due to her enforcement of legal protections for LGBT people.[10]

Eltvik has promoted and shared the "Super Straight" meme,[2] a troll campaign started by neo-Nazi agitators on 4chan to invalidate and mock trans people's gender identities.[1]

In March 2020, 2,500 progressive Norwegian feminists signed a condemnation of WHRC's transphobia.[11] In connection with women's day in 2021 WHRC was widely condemned by actual feminists for its disruption of the meeting planning that year's event, where WHRC members engaged in transphobic rants and proposed hideously transphobic slogans. Alberte Bekkhus, the leader of the Red Youth (the youth wing of Eltvik's former party), said WHRC's transphobia hinders the feminist struggle and that transphobes like WHRC aren't feminists.[12][8] The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud has also robustly condemned the transphobia promoted by WHRC.[13]

Eltvik often likes and shares hateful transphobic content published by WHRC and the myriad transphobic organizations and webshites founded by full-time transphobe Tonje Gjevjon. Despite her active and public involvement with all the most bigoted transphobic hate groups in Norway and her promotion of neo-Nazi anti-trans memes, Eltvik complains that some have accused her of being transphobic – in the very same comment where she announces her WHRC membership, no less.[6]