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Anthony Powell

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Not to be confused with the English novelist of the same name. That's a relief.

Anthony Powell (possibly 1980/1981 - April 10, 2009) was an avid poster of pro-creationist videos on YouTube under the name of Tony48219. His most popular videos were ones in which he ranted about atheists and evolution. Powell was disturbingly obsessed with fellow YouTube creationist VenomFangX.

On Good Friday, 2009, the 28-year-old Powell went to the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center at Henry Ford Community College, where he studied. There, Powell allegedly took a shotgun, murdered a 20-year-old fellow student named Asia McGowan, and then turned the gun on himself.[1][2]

Powell stated in his YouTube videos (deleted from the site, as his account was suspended months before his suicide) that he was a "true Christian." He also called atheists "the fallen angels of the devil" and referred to evolution as "the funniest comedy ever! I'm laughing!"[3] He accused atheists of being "evil" and "deceived by the devil," and referred to them as "the devil's troopers." He claimed that atheists were "not human" but were instead "filthy animals."[4]

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