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Foreign women, in manosphere parlance, are women who grew up in a culture in which they were raised to act in what is typically thought of as a "traditional" female fashion, this in contrast with "Western" women (and women in reality overall) who, thanks to feminism, are human beings that often have better things to do than wait on their husbands hand and foot and provide sex on demand.[1][2][note 1]

The term usually feeds off stereotypes of women from particular eastern Asian countries, notably Vietnam and Thailand, or the Philippines.[3] The manosphere's praise for foreign women does not extend to South Koreans,[4] Japanese,[5] Indians,[6] or Swedes.[7] On the other hand, stereotypical Russian women in this worldview offer the best of all worlds, in that they look like Westerners but are far more traditional and more feminine.[8] How charming.


The assumed characteristics that the manosphere ascribes to Asian women are not based on assumptions about race or ethnicity; rather, it's a cultural thing. Thus, they are less likely to think that American-born women of Asian descent are any less sullied by the effects of feminism than other American women. This accounts for why MRAs and other guys from the red pill movement will often look abroad for mail-order brides rather than looking for a local woman of foreign descent.[9]

That said, making assumptions about individuals' character based on stereotypes of their background is problematic at best.

When confronted with charges that nerdy white guys have "yellow fever," i.e. a preference for Asian women, they will sometimes counter that this is no different from an alleged preference that some women from that part of the world have for white Western men.[10][11] In the Philippines and some other Asian countries, a lighter complexion is often viewed as more attractive, and when people can, they avoid the sun and use skin-whitening products[12][13][14][15] in an attempt to be less tan.

The comparison is a bit of a false equivalence; it overlooks that darker-skinned people's looking to get some of the privilege that comes from whiteness is not being "racist" in a way comparable to a white guy looking for a malleable Asian wife. "Yellow fever" is inherently a problematic term and it comes from the way Western media tends to "exoticize" Asian women as being little more than objects of sexual desire[16]. The appeal of western men could also have something to do with the reputation of men from certain other cultures as being sometimes domestically violent[17] adulterers, gamblers, drunkards, and drug users.[18]


Some men describing themselves online as good Christians are in the market for subservient women.[19] It's been mostly debunked as a myth that Asian women are any more submissive and obedient than their Western counterparts, as white nerdy guys who end up livin' the dream eventually discover. "Filipina Wives," a blog dedicated to helping Australian men find, well, you know, notes:

Filipinas are generally non-confrontational, but that should not be mistaken as submissive. They are simply more sophisticated in getting you to do what they want you to do. They may hesitate to challenge you in front of other people, also, to save you from embarrassment. Even when you are clearly off your rocker.

Or, put another way:

The Filipina will use 'tampoWikipedia' (a sort of withdrawal meant to signal displeasure with a person; the closest English word may be "sulking") and offer silence and the cold-shoulder treatment that is eerily effective.[20]

Oh no, a human that has her own needs and opinions and has her own ways to express them, how terrible.

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  1. This ignores that most far-right, ultra-conservative, and anti-feminist political parties in the Western world are mainly run and led by Western woman.


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