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Devon Tracey, or Atheism-is-Unstoppable (channel name) is a moderately popular YouTube atheist. Most of his content consists of Anti-SJW/Regressive screeds common amongst YouTube atheists. Occasionally this manifests itself in extreme rhetoric, which can sometimes be argued to be racist, and is occasionally too much even for TheAmazingAtheist. He is also notorious for blocking people who disagree with him and for doxxing a couple of those he didn't like. Due to these antics, many YouTube atheists, even those who share his general views, have denounced him.


Devon Tracey stands out among others for the fact that he claims to be a leftist liberal yet spends 95% of his time bashing the liberal left and repeating right-wing talking points. He views social justice warriors and radical feminism as a stain upon atheism that must be dealt with. He thinks they have too much influence on society, particularly on the internet and college campuses. Many of his videos are against prominent SJW figures. For example, he has a strong revulsion of Cenk Uygur, who he calls a fat brown buffalo, a running joke in his videos. This is also extended to The Young Turks network, who he strongly dislikes.

Politically, Devon leans toward libertarian socialism, but reviles left-wing people like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein because of their positive relation to the SJW movement. He supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Election, and he legitimately believes she is the best person in America for the job. However, his hatred for Donald Trump prompted a part of his views. His dislike of Trump had alienated some of his Alt-Right fans, especially after making a video criticizing the Alt-Right,[1] but Devon doesn't care as most of his fanbase is quite loyal anyway.[2]

Devon is also a strong opponent of Islam and Christianity. He was born and raised in California but later lived in Germany and now lives in Australia. He knows many Syrian refugees who were resettled by the government to live in his previous, German neighborhood, and he said he doesn't mind most of them. Despite this, he dislikes Merkel's policy of letting in over a million Muslim refugees, as he believes that terrorist attacks will increase and the influx of Islamic thought will negatively impact the society of his country, and Western civilization as a whole.

He is a staunch advocate for strict gun control.[3][4] He is also pro-choice, supports same-sex marriage, and encourages eco-friendly policies.[5]

He is a supporter of Israel.[6]

While not an outspoken white nationalist, Devon has made videos sympathetic to this viewpoint.[7]

Steve Shives[edit]

Devon takes special pleasure in deriding other moderately popular YouTube atheist personality Steve Shives for expressing what he considers "SJW" viewpoints. Generally describing him as a weak and submissive man cuckolded by an unattractive spouse. He has even made videos exceeding 20 minutes where he continually replays and remixes short clips of Shives' videos mining them for embarrassing phrases, pauses and expressions, and finding any sorts of hypocrisies he can to demonize him.[citation needed] He also mocked Steve for only sleeping with four women.[8] Class act.

He also criticized Steve Shives for openly conveying pro-censorship views,[9] despite the fact that he literally doxxed people.[10]

Dave Rubin[edit]

Devon made a video deconstructing Dave Rubin's endorsement and selling out for the religious right.[11]


In addition to many of his extreme viewpoints, Devon seems to be narcissistic. He calls his devout followers "flying monkeys", a term used to refer to victims of narcissistic abuse. Through his condescending tone of voice, he constantly talks about how great he is, assuring his fans (and himself) that he is an "alpha male", and everyone who disagrees with him is a "pathetic beta".

White Fragility[edit]

Devon accused the new Star Wars movies for being "anti-white" and "anti-male".[12] He also spends a lot of time calling out racism towards white people because he feels it isn't taken as seriously as other races.[13]