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Ben Steigmann

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Ben Steigmann
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Does it bother anybody that Jews and Jewish organizations have been fabricating hoaxes about "holocausts" of "six million" Jews for YEARS prior to WWII?
—Ben Steigmann, holocaust denier[1]

Benjamin Steigmann (born 1991) is a far-right American anti-feminist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist; he is also a parapsychologist and promoter of paranormal pseudoscience. Steigmann has used the online pseudonyms Blissentia, Blastikus and more recently Benjmin Asmoday.

In January, 2018 Steigmann was permanently blocked on Wikiversity.[2]

Parapsychology on Wikipedia and Wikiversity[edit]

Steigmann began to take interest in parapsychology around 2013. According to Steigmann:

My personal interest in this began when I had persistent negative experiences of what were subjectively perceived of as spirits on high dose psychedelic trips – something that created a crisis that persisted a long while after the trips. The first was an experience of being infected by something, after which a crush I had on a girl who was with a group of friends I was with turned into a bizarre pathological self-destructive obsession that I struggled to liberate myself from, finally with success. The second was a subjective experience of being assaulted by demons after which, for a while, my psychological state could best have been described as a mix of hostility, fear, and depression.[3]

He has been blocked on many accounts on Wikipedia for sock-puppeting and pushing pseudoscience and fringe beliefs in relation to alternative medicine and parapsychology.[4] In 2014, Steigmann created a project on Wikiversity that attempts to refute the criticisms of psychics and mediums found on Wikipedia. In December 2017 the project contained hundred thousands of words.[5]

Steigmann claims that practically every historical spiritualist medium and psychic was somehow genuine. He defends various mediums such as Daniel Dunglas Home, Kathleen Goligher and Eusapia Palladino from charges of fraud and claims they performed spectacular feats such as levitation and psychokinesis that defy the laws of physics.[6]

Similar to Michael E. Tymn, Steigmann appeals to an argument from authority by quoting from psychical researchers and scientists such as Charles Richet,Wikipedia's W.svg Arthur Conan Doyle,Wikipedia's W.svg Cesare Lombroso and William Crookes.Wikipedia's W.svg The problem is that none of these men were trained magicians or educated about conjuring trickery. They were easily duped in the dark conditions of the séance room. Steigmann also fails to acknowledge that eyewitness testimony in relation to paranormal claims is often unreliable.[7]

His parapsychology project claims that ectoplasm, levitation, psychokinesis, precognition, remote viewing and telepathy are all real.[5] He has received funding and support from some well-known parapsychologists such as Dean Radin, Jerry Mishlove and Larry Dossey.[8] After admins finally realized Steigmann was attacking Wikipedia and profiting from it, the project was deleted in January, 2018 and he was permanently blocked from the website.[2][9]

Steigmann is an advocate of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia conspiracy theory. He believes that organized skeptics have high-jacked Wikipedia. He claims that "In a sane society, my work would be praised, yet I suffer the inanities of ideologues."[10] He is a friend of Abd ul-Rahman Lomax. Before being banned they worked together on Wikiversity in promoting paranormal studies.[11] He has also defended the pseudoscientific morphic resonance of Rupert Sheldrake.[12]

In 2017 Steigmann wrote an article defending the fraudulent medium Eva Carrière for the Society for Psychical Research's "PSI Encyclopedia".[13]

Alternative medicine[edit]

Steigmann is an advocate of orthomolecular medicine and a promoter of Linus Pauling's Vitamin C quackery. He has tried to insert Vitamin C woo onto Wikipedia articles without success:

If you think you can get the wikipedia coverage of this changed though, good luck. In one of my bans on wikipedia, I was banned for trying to get an accurate reflection of the content of two reviews in an article, these were articles in mainstream journals, which suggested reevaluation of intravenous vitamin C for cancer therapy.[14]

Extremist views[edit]


Steigmann claims to have some distant Jewish ancestry, but does not consider himself Jewish. He claims in his research he has tried to "demolish" Judaism and Zionism.[15] Steigmann has promoted conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family. He has written many anti-Semitic statements on the internet.

In 2012 he wrote:

Judaism is a sociopolitical mental illness that has wreaked immense havoc with Communism, Zionism, and the Rothschild banking system… There is no doubt, looking at the Torah, the Talmud, and the Zohar, that these things are the products of cultural diseases.[15]

He later tried to distance himself from these statements.[16] He also flirted with Holocaust denial.[15][17]

Steigmann has promoted the holocaust denial documentary Auschwitz: The Surprising Hidden Truth which he says "shows that is physically impossible for the gassings to have taken place as they were alleged."[18]

In 2013, Steigmann sent the Anti-Defamation League an extremely long email with the intention of "refuting the basis of their operations". An expanded version of this email was published on his blog.[19]

He has also defended the controversial writings of Julius Evola and Oswald SpenglerWikipedia's W.svg. On book reviews, Steigmann is known to spam anti-Semitic content and conspiracy theories. A reviewer took issue with this and described him as a "conspiracy obsessive" and "voluminous troll".[20]


Steigmann identifies as a race realist. He has uploaded many racialist books online.[21] He has defended the discredited racialist ideas of Carleton Coon,Wikipedia's W.svg Richard Lynn and J. Philippe Rushton.Wikipedia's W.svg[22] He is a fan of the neo-Nazi Kevin MacDonald and has supported his ideas about a superior "Nordic race".[15][23][24]

In his own words:

It is true that, on average, as shown by J. Phillipe Rushton, in "Race, Evolution, and Behavior", there are different maturation rates with Blacks, Whites, an Asians, different cranial capacities, different testosterone levels, different levels of aggressiveness and impulsiveness, etc… Likewise, although it is politically incorrect to say this, a far larger number of murders, robberies, etc., are committed by Blacks and Latinos than whites, and this is not because of racial profiling as much as many would like to assume.[15]

On his Facebook, Steigmann promotes racist and white nationalist content. He supports Kevin Alfred Strom's National Vanguard, The Alternative Hypothesis and videos such as "Caucasians are responsible for 90 percent of scientific accomplishments".[25]

Eugenics and anti-feminism[edit]

In 2016, Steigmann wrote a long essay "Toward an Understanding of Woman". In this essay he wrote many controversial statements that would be considered sexist. He also called for eugenic measures to weed out "lower quality" women:

We need, as a society, to disregard the reproduction of lower quality women, while valuing as sacrosanct the productive output, in terms of childbirth, of the highest quality women. Here are a couple of ways I can think of to ensure that this happens: Pre-arranged marriages between 25 year old men who "have their shit together" (excuse my vernacular) and 16 year old women who are biologically optimal for reproduction.[26]

Steigmann believes that females should marry from the age of 16:

That a lot of relationship problems would be solved if the age of consent for women was lowered to 16 and heightened for men to age 20. Specifically, I believe good marriage and family would be between women age 16-25, and men age 25-36. This is because women are biologically best at this age for marriage... the age difference would reinforce a power differential that would have women being good wives.[26]

He is a staunch anti-feminist:

With all the allowances possible, an unbiased investigation compels one to recognize that much, if not most, of the blame for for the ominous deterioration in the breeding stock in America is exactly where men like Alexis Carrel,Wikipedia's W.svg Brooke Adams, Ellsworth Huntington,Wikipedia's W.svg and Anthony M. Ludovici,Wikipedia's W.svg have placed it – namely in feminism. This doctrine is luring aside the choicest young women in America, turning them against their own instincts, and injecting into their minds the poisoned ideas of the superiority for women of a "life of self expression."[26]

Steigmann has complained that feminist wives fail to make their husbands happy, he also claims:

The feminist woman tends to avoid the responsibilities of reproduction as much as possible. She will have no children or very few, and she will not be bothered with nursing them... The woman who bears no child, or one or two as a sort of grudged sop to her reproductive instinct, or who puts off marriage too long, tends to become neurotic.[26]

According to Steigmann feminism has negative effects on the female nervous system and their sexual organ. He claims that there is a correlation between cancer and feminists who fail to use their reproductive system.[26] Steigmann has written that males and females have very different sexual relations going back thousands of years. He describes the male as "positive" and "aggressive" and the female as "negative" and "passive". He states that men have successfully pursued and mastered women, and by doing this have developed "strength, courage and prowess".[26]

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