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Billy Crone

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Billy Crone is the pastor of Get A Life Ministries. He is a young earth creationist who believes the Earth was created in six literal days, that dinosaurs and man coexisted on Earth 6,000 years ago, and that UFOs are real. He fears secularist music and media and believes we are living in the Last Days.

He is known for his sermons in which he constantly shouts (thinking this makes him more truthful) while speaking like a used-car-salesman. He has no degree in any field of science, and his lectures mainly consist of quote mining scientists, using references from creationists, and quoting Bible verses.


The Get A Life Media Ministries website contains materials mostly consisting of hundreds of recorded sermons of Billy Crone uploaded to their personal YouTube channel. Other things include dozens of books and DVD/Blu-rays promoting his views on Christianity, Creationism, Evangelical values, UFOs, and the impending robot doompocalypse. Their website formerly contained a forum, in which they discussed and delved into their personal beliefs of the coming end of the world.


Billy is known for repeating dozens of creationist PRATTs, including:

  • Population growth
  • Earth's magnetic fields would melt the planet if it was older than 6,000 years
  • Dating methods of various types are all bogus
  • Geologic column is nonexistent and total fantasy
  • Rapid Formation disproves evolution

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