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Bre Faucheux

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Bre Faucheux
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Bre Faucheux is an American fantasy fiction author, alt-right podcaster and white supremacist.

She is the host of the alt-right podcast 27Crows Radio.[1]

Faucheux is a former liberal.[2][3] She became a white supremacist in 2016 after allegedly discovering that everything she knew about equality and race was a lie.[4]

Faucheux has argued that America was "intended to be for people of a Western European stock" and only white people can be American.[5] She has complained about diversity and multiculturalism in books, stating it threatens the existence of ethnic Europeans.[6] According to Faucheux:

I came to realize that the words "diversity" and "equality" meant one thing and one thing only. An excuse for dispossessing the white race of their history, heritage, culture, and countries. I saw many in the publishing industry engaging in this very anti-white rhetoric.[4]

Faucheux attended the Unite the Right rally in August, 2017.[7][8]

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