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Bruce Bartlett

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The dismal science
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The Worldly Philosophers
Bruce Bartlett (1951–) is an economic historian who was an economic advisor to both Presidents Ronald Reagan and his successor, George H. W. Bush. Since then, he has become highly critical of mainstream Republican Party politics and ideology in America, and has claimed that he was driven out of the party by its "extremism and nuttiness". For instance, he has been highly critical of both Dubya and Fox News,[1] to say nothing of Donald Trump. Despite despising Trump, Bartlett supported his campaign soon after he announced his candidacy in 2015, in the hopes that Trump would win the nomination but lose the general election. He later voted for him in the primary in his home state, Virginia, for this reason.[2][3] Not the best plan in the history of American politics, shall we say…


In a Wall Street Journal article in 2007, Bartlett criticized much of the economics behind the FairTax proposal (which he referred to as the "Flawed Tax") in addition to the fact that it was proposed by the Church of Scientology in the 1990s.[4]