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C0nc0rdance is a vlogger with (as of February 2016) over 45,000 subscribers and 6.3 million views.[1] He came to YouTube with the goal of "show[ing] through the use of solid evidence and rational argument what is junk science, and what is real." In so doing, C0nc0rdance made dozens of videos examining:

Due to his high knowledge of health and biology, C0nc0rdance became a strong defender of the theory of evolution against religious dogma and a strong critic against intelligent design. He targeted online creationists (such as VenomFangX and NephilimFree) and even confronted the Discovery Institute (particularly Casey Luskin).[3][4]

He came under a lot of fire for his (age-restricted) video alleging that marijuana was dangerous, even getting a death threat he called "disturbingly specific."

C0nc0rdance is also very critical of faith-based medicine and prayer. He made several videos providing the data and reports of young children who died because their parents failed or refused to give them proper medical treatment, and rather resorted to prayer, exorcisms, and faith-healing.[5]

C0nc0rdance is also a frequent co-host on The Magic Sandwich Show.

C0nc0rdance's Laws[edit]

  1. Never take medical advice from the Internet.