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Red x.svg An editor believes that this page should be deleted. The reason given is "Not necessarily deletion, but this category has possible issues that could be resolved by a delete, a rename, or a subdivision. On the talk page it's been mentioned that the category is so overly broad as to obscure its meaning. It is also contained within the parent category "people" and stipulates that it only contains people, but actually contains many non-human entities like organisations. I'm bringing this up to call for a vote on whether to a) delete the category altogether, b) rename to something like "batshit crazy people" and trim away all non-human entries, c) broaden the definition to remove the requirement for only "people" (with the possibility of creating subcategories for "batshit crazy people", "batshit crazy organisations" etc, or d) leave it alone.

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This category contains people who, though their politics may not be particularly extreme, have quite self-evidently gone off the rails in such a way as to ensure that absolutely nobody can take them seriously.


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