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"Let's invent fire"

A caveman is the stereotypical depiction of prehistoric humans and their hominid ancestors during and just after the last Ice age. Often these people are shown in animal skins, wielding clubs and living in caves (hence the name, although it's unlikely that humans ever dwelt in caves primarily).

Cavemen in popular culture[edit]

  • The film One Million Years B.C. featured Raquel Welch in a very revealing outfit made of animal skins. Similarly, the film 10,000 BC featured Camilla Belle in not much more and lots of good old fashion eye and lip make up that historians are sure was available at the time.
  • The cartoon series The Flintstones featured cavemen that lived with 20th century styled technology (ranging from cars to televisions). Most of the humour came from their use of animals (some people should have been outraged at the technology).
  • The Geico Insurance company has run a series of humorously self-referential advertisements, riffing on a slogan that "it's so easy a caveman can do it", with spots featuring a "modern" stereotypical cave man expressing his various emotions in reaction to the phrase.

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