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Charles Veitch (a.k.a. Charlie Veitch) is an anarchist protester, former We Are Change member and YouTuber who rather dramatically turned away from the 9/11 truth and conspiracy theory movement, and thus caused members of said movement to collectively foam in paranoid anger about how he's really an agent sent by the CIA (or some similarly shadowy cabal) to perform cognitive infiltration.

Veitch claims to have begun his descent into trutherism/delusion after a movie that Alex Jones' directed, wrote and starred in, Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terror.[1][2]

I think because the government has lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, we do suspect foul play when other terrible events [happen] … and if governments can lie and kill half a million people, why wouldn't they lie about killing 3,000? It doesn't take an incredible leap of fantasy or faith or gullibility. We're not gullible, we're just truth seekers. And the 9/11 Truth movement is trying to find out the truth about what happened. … [But you should] not hold onto religious dogma. If you're presented with new evidence, take it on, even if it contradicts what you or your group might be believing or wanting to believe. You have to give the truth the greatest respect, and I do.[3]

Following Veitch's disavowal of conspiracy theories, he has had his website hacked, his family has been harassed, and accusations have been made by conspiracy theorists that he's actually a paedophile, when in reality he's just rather a boring anarchist protester with a YouTube channel.

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