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ChattiestSpike2 is a vlogger who makes videos attacking creationism and pseudoscience. He gained the attention of viewers due to his series explaining why the global flood was impossible. He used to make his videos while hiding his identity, but no longer does.

ChattiestSpike2 is known for his staunch criticism of creationism and the biblical flood. He also has considerable skill at video editing and creation and makes fake paranormal videos mimicking flying saucers and sightings of supernatural events. Years back, ChattiestSpike2 was sent a message from a TV show Fact or Fiction? The show aired short film clips of paranormal events, leaving it up to the viewers to decide if the event was real or not.

Trolling With Logic[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Trolling With Logic

ChattiestSpike2, Feredir28, and RyuOni1989 collaborated to make a video series refuting four clips of a seminar of creationist Lee Strobel. These videos gained a lot of attention, and soon afterwards, the three decided to form a group of rationalist users named Trolling With Logic (or TWL for short). Since then, they have gained new members and made dozens of videos reviewing and analyzing creationist materials both on and off of YouTube. Eventually TWL gathered a large enough number of members that they started TWL Live!, where they host an online blogtv every month, which also frequently attracts members of SkepticTV.

Question Evolution Response[edit]

In response to the creationist Question Evolution campaign, the YouTube community headed by theist Lapkine77 and several atheists (particular the Trolling With Logic group) gathered together in teamwork to make a video series response to the 15 creationist questions meant to provoke the public to doubt the theory of evolution. ChattiestSpike2 took part in this, answering question #8.[1]