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Gene "Chip" Tatum is an alleged whistle blower who used to work for the CIA.

What he exposed[edit]

More sanely, due to the CIA being as we know it, extraordinary rendition and drug trafficking. However, he gets nuttier and claims that there's going to be a New World Order, the Illuminati are controlling all of it, the usual stuff.


Tatum was alleged to be tortured and killed shortly after his interview, of course a faceless body washing ashore.[1][2] This made conspiracy theorists even more convinced he wasn't fake, even though every other "Ex-illuminati" members were frauds, including but not limited to John Todd, Lauren Stratford, and Ted Gunderson. Oh, and the countless others on YouTube of all places. More on that in a sec.

Still alive?[edit]

Tatum is alleged by some to be still alive,[3] though the reason is usually divided. One side says his so called death was staged to add fuel to his exposure of the CIA. The other, more nuttier side says he was actually re-recruited by the Illuminati. If you want to make it even more complicated, then his whole speech was dis-info by the Illuminati for god-knows-what reason.

Back to the timing of his death[edit]

On the surface, the timing of his death may seem uncanny. However, it could simply be a coincidence. They happen. All the time. Correlation does not imply causation. Also, if he is truly still alive, as some still suggest, then this is moot.

On a funnier side[edit]

Who would nickname themselves "Chip"? Is it a reference to RFID? That can be excused, however, because his first name is far, FAR more embarrasing.

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