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Conrad Myrland

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Inventing "The Other"
Fear And Loathing

Conrad Myrland (born 1979) is a Norwegian far-right extremist, Islamophobe and Christian fundamentalist, who is the leader of Med Israel For Fred (MIFF), a Norwegian far-right organization mainly consisting of fundamentalist Christians and with ties to the Counter-jihad movement, and whose stated mission is to uncritically support the Israeli nationalist ultra right. Myrland is a staunch believer in doomsday and in the recreation of the biblical land of Israel, encompassing many of today's Israel's neighbours. Ideologically, Myrland is similar to David Horowitz, and the MIFF crowd headed by Myrland notably inspired Anders Behring Breivik. Conrad Myrland is especially noted in Norway for harassing journalists whenever they say something remotely critical of or unflattering for Israel and ranting about the Norwegian mainstream media's balanced reporting on the Middle East.[1]