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Cop Block

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Cop Block is a "decentralized" (whatever that means), site that catalogues police activity and harassment. Most of the site's content comes from a user upload system that allows anyone to submit complaints of police brutality. The site may be seen as a response to police engaging in racial profiling, a growing awareness of police militarization, and the legal abuses associated with the war on drugs.

Unfortunately Sturgeon's Law is in effect here, so most of the site's content is not all that interesting.


We don't need no stinking badges!

Cop Block's central idea is that "badges don't grant extra rights." True enough; if a cop murders someone, he or she should face the consequences like everyone else. Usually cops don't.

The site has something of a a libertarian stance, as made clear by a banner ad asking for donations via Bitcoin. This is followed by provocative articles like "Are Police Really Needed?"[1] and "Accountability Is Futile - Abolish the Police" [2](...though it should be noted that this is as much a left-wing anarchist talking point as it is a libertarian one).

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