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cseministry is the YouTube channel for Kent Hovind's Creation Science Evangelism network, currently maintained by his son Eric Hovind. Despite being the official YouTube channel for one of the most prominent creationist organisations in the world and having high production values[1] it has a whopping 800 subscribers and an impressive 113,000 video views over three years.[2] By comparison, living-room based creation debunkers and AronRa and Thunderf00t have just over 350,000 subscribers and 72,000,000 views between them to date.

Unlike many creationist YouTube channels, the videos used to be open for rating and unmoderated comment, though as of January 2011, commenting has been disabled on all videos.

As of May 2014, the Cseministry channel has been taken down entirely and replaced by the channel creationtoday, operated by Kent's son Eric while Kent serves out his prison term. Creationtoday has amassed six thousand subscribers and a bit over a million views since it was created in six days July 2011.

Despite appearances, the word is not the cdesign proponentsists equivalent of "chemistry."

Copyright controversy[edit]

Even though Kent Hovind has released his videos as "copyright-free", CSE - under the direction of Eric Hovind - has filed numerous DMCA takedown requests of YouTube users who use any parts of the CSE videos in their own. Notably they managed to get the Rational Response Squad taken down by this method.[3] Shortly aftwards, CSE changed the copyright status of their materials, which may or may not have been legal as Hovind's original copyright waiving was, at best, a bit muddy.[4]