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Fiction over fact
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How it didn't happen

David Rohl is a historian who has put forward revisionist claims about the history of the Ancient Near East, with his own alleged contact points between Egyptian and Israelite history.[1]

Although his claims are less drastic than some revisionists (e.g. Immanuel Velikovsky) they are controversial and not accepted by most historians.

One problem is that he claims to have found archaeological evidence in Egypt for the story of Joseph, with a statue appearing to wear Joseph's coat of many colours. However Joseph's coat of many colours is now regarded as a mistranslation, more recent translations include a richly ornamented coat, a coat with long sleeves, or a long dress. More broadly, the Joseph story is now widely regarded as a relatively late addition, a "beautifully constructed novella" intended to provide a link between the earlier patriarchal narratives and the Exodus, among the less likely earlier biblical narratives to have a historical basis.

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