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Digital Ummah

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Digital Ummah is a batshit crazy islamist conspiracy theory channel on YouTube. Basically, imagine Mark Dice as a fundamentalist Muslim: that's what this channel is. It's run by German-born American Muslim speaker Nouman Ali KhanWikipedia's W.svg (1978–), who was accused of multiple inappropriate sexual relationships in September 2017.[1] At first glance it may seem like any old conservative Islamic propaganda channel, but it gets even nuttier than that. As a consequence of crank magnetism, the channel seems to have crossed over with good ol' "The Satanic Illuminati controls the music industry — WAKE UP PEOPLE!!"-type of conspiracies.

Among its "top" videos are titles such as Proof Illuminati Controls The Music Industry (NEW 2018),[2] Prophet Muhammad Predicted The Illuminati (100% PROOF).[3] and Famous Ex-Rapper Warns Muslims About The Dangers Of Music[4] It also seems to specialise in clickbait videos featuring Qur'anic scientific foreknowledge, such as Quran Knew This 1400 Years Ago?! (NEW 2018),[5] about how the Qu'ran totally predicted the existence of pulsars.

The conspiracy theory videos all seem to use text-to-speech voices, which almost may lead you to think that they're satirical, but closer inspection of the rest of the channel's content reveals they are probably 100% serious. Yikes.