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Disinfection of air by electroporation is the pseudoscientific claim that technology, can instantly kill any microorganisms in flowing air using a method called electroporation.

The phenomenon of electroporation is known and is really used in biotechnology for the introduction of various molecules into the cytoplasm of the cell. The essence of the phenomenon is that when a cell impulse potential difference about 0.5 Volt is applied to the cell membrane, reversible single electropores are formed, through which substances from the intercellular space can penetrate into the living cell. If the voltage applied to the membrane is greater than, for example, several Volts, then irreversible destruction of the membrane occurs.

The concentration of the potential difference on the membrane occurs only when the cell is surrounded by suspension, which directly contacts with electrodes. [1] In the gas phase, no concentration of the voltage on the membrane occurs and, therefore, no electroporation can occur.

For viruses, no electroporation can occur due to the absence of a membrane and conductive cytoplasm.

Commercial implementation[edit]

The only commercial embodiment of this technology is the production of a Russian company " Potok Inter" - UOV Potok 150-M-01