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American Third Position[note 1] (A3P) is a neo-Nazi and white nationalist political group co-founded by Angelo John Gage.[1]

Gage is a virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier who has a long history of being associated with far-right groups.[2][3] He is rather infamous for trying to repackage and relabel white nationalism for public appeal – this has led him to adopt the old strategy of the Political Soldiers faction of the National Front in the mid-1980s who tried to forge allies with black and Islamic separatists to deny accusations of racism. Gage for example denies American Third Position is racist because it has black members and he is friends with Cynthia McKinney.

Same old Nazis...[edit]

Despite Gage insisting his group is not neo-Nazi and trying to repackage his racism and anti-Semitism, numerous columnists on the American Third Position website Corporatist International[4] (where Gage also writes articles such as "Third Positionism Briefly Explained"[5]) are openly pro-Hitler and use fascist symbols and iconography. For example, the columnist Raymond Ranaletta has written "Hitler was right then, and it applies today. As he said in his book he didn’t hate the Jewish religion, he hated communism" and also posted anti-Semitic messages on his Twitter account.[6][7] Ranaletta's account was suspended in December 2020 for hate speech.[8]

The columnist Cultured Thug on the same website is an infamous neo-Nazi on YouTube who in the mid-late 2000s used to make videos with swastica flags in his background. He has since claimed to have abandoned his old racist views but this appears dubious at best - Cultured Thug still identifies as a fascist and race realist.[9][10] He has made a controversial video titled "Preserving Race in a Multi-Racial Society".[11]

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  1. Not to be confused with the American Freedom PartyWikipedia formerly called American Third Position Party.