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Andrew Yang
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Andrew Yang (1975–) is an American entrepreneur, author, and 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate. His most significant policy proposal is a universal basic income program called The Freedom Dividend which would give every American citizen aged 18 or older a monthly check of $1,000, intended to act as a safety cushion for people who lose their jobs to automation. His campaign is notable for its (alleged) embrace of mathematics and science, even going so far as to sell hats that just say "MATH" on them (claimed to mean "Make America Think Harder"). He is also notable for his massive policy platform covering everything from healthcare to collegiate athletics.

Presidential campaign[edit]

In 2020, Yang ran for the Democratic nomination, failing miserably. He dropped out after failing to receive any delegates from the Iowa caucus.[1] Later, in an attempt to save face, he attempted to subject New York residents to an increased risk of contracting the coronavirus in order to make his bid look less pathetic.[2]


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