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April LaJune is a con artist on many social media sites, selling paperwork that she claims will access your Treasure Direct Accounts a made up depository of money, which sovereign citizens claim the government holds in citizens names.[1] In addition, she purports to be a "conservative journalist" but mostly she serves up conspiracy theories related to Pizzagate and Qanon. She has been called out on her fraudulent practices by multiple sources including the Southern Poverty Law Center, her own children, and former employees.[2][3][4] Most of the paperwork that she sells (for upwards of $1000) is copied from the earlier work of other sovereign loons such as Anna Von Reitz and Winston Shrout, the latter of whom is currently on the run from a felony conviction for promoting the same scam that LaJune does.[5][6] Multiple FBI investigation are purportedly open on LaJune and she has recently had her main YouTube platform shut down because of her fraudulent promotions.