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Draft:Area 51: Alien Interview

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This is a draft that anyone is free to edit as they would a mainspace page.

Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right place to put it but I do need help with this, this is something that's been bothering me for about five or so years and I finally compiled both enough information and enough courage to delve into this rabbit hole. In short, there's a documentary that claims to have "real footage" from Area 51 of Alien's being interviewed, I went through the entire film and bonus feature as well as any potential background information I could find in addition to the evidence presented by believers to prove the validity of this movie.

I want to make a page about this, however I am still too scared of the predictions put forth in the video, I attempted to ask the skeptics at Metabunk however so far nothing came off it.

If I'm honest, I suffer from bad anxiety, my life has been going pretty well but then all of the sudden my mind reminded me of this and I was like "Shit does that mean that the world will end in 8 years?" So, my 5 year obsession has come to this: Spending hours on research and evaluation and asking people who are more sober minded to help me debunk this thing that caused my paranoia to spike every so often over the course of the past 5 years.

This post is going to be split up into 2 portions: the film itself and the evidence for. Within those section I'll start off with an objective overview of the material, claims presented, my attempt at debunking, things I can't explain/are paranoid about and timestamps of the videos.

If this is the wrong place to put it, I'm sorry and I'll move it to the right place, I just want people to see this so hopefully they can help refute this damn film.

The Film[edit]

Film overview[edit]

This is the film in question: Area 51: Alien Interview (1997) and the 2008 special interview: Area 51: The Alien interview (Victor '08 Bonus Interview)

The film was produced by Vega 7 Entertainment in 1997 and a special edition was released in 2008 which added an follow up interview with the enigmatic Victor. To my knowledge, Vega 7 entertainment only ever released 2 films (excluding the special release of Alien interview) with the other film being a TV movie released in 2000 titled UFO: Best evidence ever caught on tape 2 (source).

The original film is a case study of different alien conspiracy theories based on accounts of people like Bob Lazar and Sean David Morton. It incorporates conspiracy theories like Roswell, Majestic 12, Kalahari and others. Majority of the film is just these conspiracy theories being purported by the host Steven Williams (X from the X-files) with no real evidence aside from anecdotal and speculative. However, the crux of the film realise heavily on an alleged video tape of a real alien interview that was copied by the insider known as victor.

Victor talks about how the aliens talked of spiritual concepts and how the government uses the knowledge for control of mankind instead of its betterment. Many UFOlogists react to the video (with majority of them believing to be a valid tape) and 2 Hollywood makeup artists also react to it with them being more sceptical towards the footage. Throughout the film, Victor is calm and asks people to decide for themselves if they believe it or not.

In the 2008 follow up, Victor is very hostile towards the director. He's angry that no one was able to try and debunk the footage and that others just blindly believed it without much thought. Claims that aliens disclosed that the end will come soon after 2012 (to not plan a 20th anniversary edition of the documentary) and that Donald Rumsfeld was aware of the Alien interviews "since at least 1974" and that he's been planning on getting off the planet before the end comes. He is very specific to ask the audience where Rumsfeld was on the 23rd of March of 2008. He then starts saying Random things at the end and the interview ends.


claims here are in a numbered list so they can coincide with claims in the brackets next to the time stamps

  1. Robert Lazar claims he worked on backwards engineering flying saucers
  2. In 1971, David Adair was called in to study the engine of an alien craft
  3. Project Sigma and Majestic 12 - Negations between Eisenhower, extra-terrestrials and the government took place; apparently the government needed space technology and in exchange wanted genetic material.
  4. Tom Coleman (president of Rocket pictures) claims to have received a phone call from a mysterious man known only as Victor claiming he has video footage of Aliens.
  5. Roswell Crash was real
  6. In 1949, EBE-1 was kept in custody in a safe house, the alien suffered from chronic health problems that the doctor's couldn't treat. EBE-1 was interviews via pictographs and was said to come from Zeta Reticuli. EBE-1 and the doctors made a language together, it was kept secret because of the cold war
  7. James Forrestal was the mastermind of Majestic 12 and wanted to leak the information but he mysteriously died (via Majestic 12)
  8. Lazar claims that the area 51 badge read MAJ for Majestic
  9. In 1994, Majestic 12 Document was leaked to a UFO researcher - it said that EBE's will be detained and secured as soon as possible. EBE life was expendable.
  10. According to an alleged government insider known as Falcon, EBE-2 was fitted with a voice box, and learned English. EBE's spoke via telepathy.
  11. Lazar saw scientists speak with aliens and saw documents talking about alien civilisations
  12. Inconsistencies in accounts may be a misinformation campaign
  13. Aliens spoke about how the spirit is the main pat of the body
  14. Rumsfeld has been aware of the interviews since at least 1974 and has been tying to avoid the end
  15. The aliens told people of the end that is close to 2012

Those are the claims made in the film, additionally, Victor made claims about the tape in his explanation of it:

  • The room was kept dark for comfort of the Aliens
  • The figure on the left is the telepath
  • The person on the right is the military Aid
  • Alien is seated in a bio-containment area behind glass for their own protection as the aliens have wiped out all microbial and viral life from their ecosystem
  • Alien is in distress and goes into a state of shock
  • Medics are selected for the ability to keep secrets instead of competence

Here is a timeline of events as I understand that the film attempts to purport:

  • 1947 - Roswell Crash
  • 1949 - Alien is reported to have survived, EBE-1 is taken to custody
  • 1949 - James Forrestal dies
  • 1950's - EBE-1 is interviewed via pictographs and creates a language with scientists. Soon after dies of chronic health problems on June 18th, 1952
  • 1950's - EBE-2 is interviewed
  • 1953 - Majestic 12 is created under Eisenhower
  • 1960's - Robert Dean allegedly sees a UFO
  • 1970's - Lazar read a report on a misunderstanding between EBE's and military, all people died with head wounds
  • 1971 - David Adair is called in to work on an engine of alien origin
  • 1974 - Rumsfeld becomes aware of Alien interviews
  • 1988 - Falcon (alleged government whistle blower) said that EBE-2 voluntarily became a guest of the government
  • 1989 - Area 51 badges read MAJ
  • 1989 - Aliens crash in Kalahari
  • 1989 - Another Alien arrives at area 51
  • 1989 - EBE-4 is interviewed
  • 1997 - Victor gets a copy of the alien interview and goes to rocket pictures for it
  • 2008 June - Victor comes back for a final interview

My attempt at logic[edit]

To me, the whole things seems very dramatic, apparently the questions were decided before hand yet seems for some reason victor gets pissed off about the questions as he doesn't want to disclose too much.

In the '08 interview he seems much more opinionated and like a completely different person, I can't tell if it's because of the mask but his voice sounds different. A user pointed this out on IMDb (source).

The explanations for why there's no audio and why it's so dark seem just too convenient, as well as the medics being chosen for the ability to keep secrets instead of competence (again the IMDb user pointed that out.)

Another IMDb user points out that maybe the sound stage of a studio was used (source)

Attempting to debunk all claims in the film is difficult as it's many conspiracy theories thrown into one, what I want to focus on is the tape that victor brought and his claims of the end.

Things I don't understand[edit]

Why would someone fake this, I just don't understand what the point is.

More importantly, I am most confused and most paranoid about his prediction of the end of the world in the '08 interview. Why would he be so specific about the date where Donald Rumsfeld was?

I also don't understand why this is not in the filmography of people like Steven Williams and Tom Coleman Coleman's IMDb page.

Additionally, I cannot find anything about rocket pictures just a small mention on wikipedia on Coleman's page


Time stamps in bold will be either relating to a claim or I think they're of importance


  • 1:27 - Talk of the infamous Alien Autopsy video
  • 2:43 - Allegedly, people who are "38 levels above top secret" are flown to Area 51
  • 3:32 - Exploration of Bob Lazar's claim's about S-4 facility [Claim 1]
  • 3:48 - Interview with Lazar
  • 5:44 - Interview with David Adair
  • 6:13 - Allegation that Adair apparently worked on the engine of a downed aircraft [Claim 2]
  • 7:02 - Interview with Sean David Morton
  • 8:18 - Talks of project sigma, Roswell, and Majestic 12 [Claim 3]
  • 8:38 - Morton describes the alleged deal the US had with aliens [Claim 3]
  • 9:19 - Rocket pictures received a phone call from Victor about the tape [Claim 4]
  • 9:43 - Interview with Tom Coleman (Head of rocket pictures)
  • 11:02 - Talk of Roswell and how aliens were taken to area 51
  • 11:30 - Recreation of an alleged EBE in custody
  • 11:50 - Talk of a 1977 Carter document
  • 11:57 - EBE-1 interview [Claim 6]
  • 12:13 - A language used for communication between humans and aliens was created [Claim 6]
  • 12:38 - This alleged achievement was kept secret because of the cold war [Claim 6]
  • 13:44 - Talk of Project Blue Book
  • 14:02 - Majestic 12 may have been a secret programme
  • 14:50 - Majestic document
  • 14:54 - Allegedly James Forrestal was the mastermind
  • 15:10 - James Forestal mysteriously died in 1949 to silence him about Majestic 12 [Claim 7]
  • 15:47 - Allegedly, Area 51 badges read MAJ on them [Claim 8]
  • 15:54 - 1994 Majestic 12 document [Claim 9]
  • 16:50 - In 1988 an alleged government source code named Falcon claimed that EBE-2 voluntarily was interviewed [Claim 10]
  • 17:30 - EBE-2 interview recreation
  • 18:37 - Telepaths were used to communicate with EBEs
  • 19:13 - US government did research into telepathy
  • 20:16 - Bob Lazar's experience with aliens [Claim 11]
  • 20:53 - Allegedly there was a misunderstanding between EBEs and scientists and the scientists were killed accidentally
  • 21:44 - Allegedly Reagan's speech was meant to declare the end of the cooperation between EBEs and Humans
  • 22:04 - Reagan's speech about alien threat
  • 22:33 - Are the inconsistencies of claims just a misinformation campaign [Claim 12]
  • 23:09 - Victor's Credibility relies purely on the footage he brought
  • 24:10 - Interview with Victor
  • 26:15 - Victor confirms he saw the EBE
  • 26:30 - There are more tapes of the alien interviews however this is the most recent since the alien arrived in 1989
  • 27:00 - The alien revealed bits of information about technology
  • 27:52 - The alien spoke more about spiritual concepts [Claim 13]
  • 28:02 - EBE-4 Interview
  • 29:47 - Explanation of the concept that the body is a vessel, also Heaven's Gate used the concept of vessels
  • 30:13 - Heaven's Gate leader said that people can pass from container to container
  • 32:02 - The beginning of the tape that Victor smuggled allegedly
  • 35:09 - The end of the tape + Victor's explanation why he removed the audio from the tape
  • 35:50 - Victor's description and explanation of the tape
  • 38:44 - Tom Coleman's reaction to the tape (He doesn't know if it's real but he knows it's not a "tricked up version like the alien autopsy")
  • 39:47 - Rocket pictures sent the tape to Jim Dilettoso (renowned image analyst) for analysis
  • 41:18 - There's a probability that the interview was shot on film which contradicts Victor's statement that it was on video
  • 41:42 - "On closer inspection, Dilettoso decided that the images could have been recorded by a video camera under certain specific conditions"
  • 42:18 - Dilettoso's findings were inconclusive
  • 42:50 - Dilettoso's personal opinion (doesn't know, if it's faked the fakers shouldn't do it; if it's real, may give a glimpse of communication with ETs)
  • 43:19 - Adair's opinion (doesn't know if it's real, but thinks it's real)
  • 44:07 - John Criswell (Hollywood make up artist) introduction
  • 44:30 - "By Hollywood standards, it's a pretty decent puppet"
  • 45:20 - Criswell thinks that the alien displayed movement that would be difficult to fake
  • 45:53 - Introduction to Rick Baker, Veteran Hollywood makeup artist
  • 46:12 - Baker's Opinion (he think it's fake and the alien is a puppet)
  • 47:29 - Introduction to Robert Dean (Ex-military, UFOlogist)
  • 48:12 - Robert Dean's opinion (Based on his alleged "first hand experience" he believes the tape is real)
  • 49:34 - Sean David Morton was looking at the technical detail to verify tape's authenticity
  • 49:44 - Morton looks at the time stamp, thinks DNI stands for Department of Naval Intelligence
  • 50:39 - The lighting is dim because (allegedly) this race of alien's is sensitive to light
  • 50:48 - According to Morton, the physical features of the alien are the same/similar to the descriptions of first hand encounters with them
  • 51:16 - The interview is being taken through a glass, which is something that someone who's faking it would not think about
  • 51:40 - Morton's opinion (doesn't know if it's real, but it's very well made)
  • 52:00 - Michael Hesemann (German journalist and UFOlogist) introduction
  • 52:30 - Hesemann says that the aliens may have came from an alleged crash in the African desert of Kalahari in 1989
  • 53:34 - Whitley Strieber introduction
  • 54:16 - What Strieber said about the tape: "I hadn't realized until I saw this, how familiar it would be. If this is a fake, it's really good. It's very difficult to watch this... Because somebody who made this knows something about the way they move. I hope to God it's a fake. Because if it's not, I'm so ashamed for mankind."
  • 54:50 - On may 23rd, 1997- Victor gave a radio interview on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell
  • 55:25 - Art's impression of Victor
  • 55:54 - Art thinks Victor was telling him the truth
  • 57:00 - If the government had access to the technology, why not share it? (Victor's answer: Government's motive is not betterment of mankind, it's control)
  • 57:53 - Victor explains why he chose to get paid for the tape instead of releasing it to the news (needs a small measure of monitory freedom to deal with any eventualities)
  • 59:44 - Robert Dean wants the government to disclose alien interactions
  • 1:02:00 - It's been claimed that the Aliens may be from Zeta Reticuli, but it hasn't been established, they may be from another dimension or reality

'08 Interview[edit]

  • 2:56 - Victor confirms that he agreed to do a phone interview with Art Bell for promotion
  • 4:34 - Victor gets angry that there has been no follow up, no one managed to debunk or prove it
  • 6:43 - Says Rick Baker doesn't know what he's talking about
  • 7:17 - Claims that the footage he brought is the most convincing footage of aliens ever
  • 9:20 - Claims that Chaney and Rumsfeld knew about the EBEs since Nixon era
  • 10:06 - Asks where Rumsfeld was in the middle of march of 2008
  • 10:29 - Has George Bush has been up to date on the alien interview programme? (Victor claims he's the puppet of the government)
  • 11:44 - EBEs were moved from area 51 to a base at Utah
  • 12:00 - All EBEs are deceased
  • 12:15 - Victor claims this is the last time that he'll ever be seen
  • 12:30 - Says his "container has reached its expiry date"
  • 12:44 - Says "I am not long for this world"
  • 13:45 - "if I am not long for this world, you are not much longer"
  • 13:55 - "End times are upon us"
  • 14:10 - "Aliens came and were allowed to die now the reckoning is upon us"
  • 14:33 - Where was Rumsfeld on 23rd of 2008
  • 14:52 – Rumsfeld has been aware of alien interviews since 1974 [Claim 14]
  • 15:00 – Rumsfeld lost all interest in the united states, he wants to be taken off when the end comes
  • 15:38 – Not biblical but scientific end times are upon us
  • 16:56 – 2012 Mayan calendar is not accurate but it's close, urges to director to not plan a 20th anniversary edition of this documentary [Claim 15]
  • 17:37 - Says "my head is a bee hive" and says something in Latin (I think it's Latin)

Evidence of believers[edit]


In my research, I've noticed that more people are trying to prove the validity of the footage as opposed to debunking it, I'm not quite sure why, but one of the most prolific proponents that the alien Interview is real is a channel on YouTube that is simply called TheAlienInterview.

He's made many videos showcasing his evidence, I'm gonna put forth most of his evidence with making the ones that I find most difficult to debunk bold

Reasons why the Alien interview might be real

  • 1:46 Alien's left eye changes shape/size
  • 2:21 Alien's right eye changes shape/size
  • 2:48 Liquid from mouth
  • 3:12 Liquid from Nose
  • 3:24 Eyes react to light
  • 4:00 Reaction to seeing medics
  • 4:25 Reaction to bright light
  • 4:49 Mouth movement
  • 5:23 Eye's reaction to medics
  • 6:03 Jamie Maussan says 2 dozen doctors said that the video is genuine
  • 7:42 Diletosso's theory is incorrect
  • 8:21 Connection to Kalahari Aliens
  • 13:00 Injuries from crash
  • 13:26 Victor's stubbornness about the footage being real
  • 18:19 Telepath is a military man
  • 18:31 Telepath turns head away in an unexpected manner

The channel also made a Frame by Frame video

Movement of eyes is shown to be at: 2:50, 7:17, 8:34, 9:05, 9:38, 11:08 and 12:12

Liquid pouring from mouth is at 7:31 and nose is at 8:23

Mouth movement at 10:28

Reasons why the Alien interview might be real part 2

  • 1:52 Eye reshaping
  • 2:20 Left eye changing shape
  • 2:44 Right eye's reaction to military aid's device
  • 4:19 Left eye's reaction to medic's flashlight
  • 4:44 and 5:05 reaction to bright light
  • 5:27 Shoulder movement
  • 6:56 Right eye's reaction to touch from medic
  • 7:18 Right eye's reaction to medic's arm movement
  • 7:42 Right eye's reaction to military aid's arm movement
  • 8:04 Right eye's reaction to touch from medic
  • 8:31 Error made by medic, not reharesd actor
  • 9:05 Military aid speaking to telepath despite no audio
  • 9:35 Reaction to bright light
  • 10:01 Proof of VHS to VHS transfer (time code moves, VHS distortion)

In Debunking the debunkers video the believer claims that Victor's original tape wasn't so dark, the neck is too thin to be a glove puppet and the medics light up the body meaning it can't be a puppet and later a guy demonstrates an animatronic doll to show similarities between movement, the believer says that the movement is not even close

Reasons why Alien interview might be real part 3

  • 2:41 Reaction to telepaths arm
  • 3:06 Left eye changing size
  • 3:33 Eye's reaction to military aid's movement
  • 3:59 Reaction to touch (head and shoulder movement)
  • 4:21 Left eye changing shape
  • 4:48 Liquid pouring from mouth
  • 5:00 Left eye's reaction to arm movement
  • 5:24 Telepath trying to communicate with Alien
  • 6:16 Non standard medical equipment: unusal stetascope, unusal heart monitor
  • 7:06 Light shield to protect alien from light
  • 7:52 Mystery object on table (for what purpose would a hoaxer place mystery objexts on table?)
  • 8:10 Unidentifiable reflection on glass (for what purpose would a hoaxer have added these unidentifiable reflections?)
  • 8:33 Department of naval intelligence Tag (would a hoaxer have risked giving the game away by adding the initials of a non-existent organisation to the time code?)
  • 9:20 Drawings and descriptions of Kalahari aliens
  • 11:19 Budget to fake such a video would be between $250,000 and $300,000
  • 12:47 No cut in video (could such a complex video be made in one take?)

Here are additional Videos of clues that are on the second channel:

This video Explains (allegedly) how victor copied the tapes, I know nothing about stuff like this so I don't know how valid the assumptions of the believer are.

According to the beliver, the original tape brought by Victor was brighter and you could see the telepath more, there was also no puppeteer in background.

My attempt at logic[edit]

Most of the claims are frivolous and rely on assumptions based on assumptions, however the ones in bold I find a bit more difficult to make sense out of.

Overall, I'm sorry for such a long post and sorry for my paranoia, I hope this will be able to kill my doubts and finally have some more cohesive rebuttal to the Alien interview as I was unable to find any rebuttals to this on the internet.

Again thank you in advance and sorry about this.