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Going One God Further
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Many religious people believe that Atheists don't actually exist and that they are just pretending to not believe in God, despite the Bible clearly acknowledging the existence of atheists (though the Bible also says that atheists don't exist). They believe that all atheists are a part of a massive conspiracy, most likely run by Satan. They hold this view because it is a good rationalization for their belief in God, but yet they also have missionaries which try to prove the existence of God.

Problems With This View[edit]

There were ~500-750 million atheists in 2006[1], and atheism is continually growing, so there may be a billion atheists now, so to assert that even the majority (at least the population of the United States) of them are actually lying and/or Satanists is absolutely ridiculous.

This belief is also completely baseless.

As mentioned above, they only believe this because the Bible says so/it's a good rationalization for their belief in God (and yet they continue missionizing)

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