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Baptists for Israel Institute is a Independent Baptist Fundie school located in Ontario, Ohio[1]. They are also supportive of Christian Zionism[2]. To put their positions simply, they ignore human rights violations against the Palestinian people. They have no accreditation at all.


While not as bad as Patriot Bible "University", this institution is far from meeting decent academic standards. BII offers Bachelor's and Master's "Degrees" in Israel Studies. It is not as impressive as it sounds. Both degree programs consist of a few classes, living on a Kibbutz, an archaeological dig, museum tours and Bible seminars[3].

Basically, it's a glorified tour of Israel. There are legitimate schools that offer study options in Israel, but you still have to complete an actual college degree. For example, American University in Washington DC runs the Center for Israel Studies which offers trips to Israel[4]. Keep in mind that American University has regional accreditation and real academic programs[5].

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