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Brendan Eich
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Brendan Eich (1961–) is an American software developer that created JavaScriptWikipedia's W.svg and was a high ranking executive of MozillaWikipedia's W.svg before the organization kicked him out for homophobia. He went onto create the Brave browser and BAT cryptocurrency marketed mainly to the alt-right and libertarian crowd.


Early life[edit]

Brendan was born on July 4, 1961, he attended Ellwood P. Cubberley High School in Palo Alto until 1979. He went to Santa Clara University and University of Illinois studying mathematics and computer science. He left education with a master's degree in 1985.


Brendan then worked at Silicon Graphics for ten years before moving to Netscape Communications Corporation in April 1995, where he developed JavaScript for the Navigator browser project. In 1998 Brendan was part of the group that co-founded the Mozilla project where he served as chief architect. AOL bought and shut down the Netscape project in 2003, but Brendan stayed with the Mozilla Foundation as Lead Technologist.

In 2005 Brendan became CTO of the Mozilla Corporation on its founding as the Mozilla Foundations for-profit division.

Mozilla incident[edit]


Brave Software[edit]

Brave software was founded on May 28, 2015. The main and only product made by Brave Software is the Brave Browser, a copy of ChromiumWikipedia's W.svg with additional features added. These included built in adblock, an insecure version of Tor, and the alt-right search product Infogalactic. Eventually a cryptocurrency was added.

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