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Buck Angel, poised and ready to tell you non-binary people don't exist
hi Buck, if you look back through my tweets and see one transphobic post, please let me know. I am routinely called transphobic by the same kind of people who level that accusation at @KJ_Harrison and yourself and it's nonsense
Graham Linehan. Yes, THAT Graham Linehan[1][note 1]

Buck Angel is an American trans male pornographic actor and director. He has a long history of trans activism, and has campaigned for sexual freedom to be considered a human right. Unfortunately, his equally long history of transmedicalism, comments about non-binary and transgender people, and outing several people without their consent has led to the good he has done to be outweighed.

Collaboration with ContraPoints[edit]

Buck Angel returned to the limelight on October 2019 after appearing in a ContraPoints video, in what can only be described as an utterly terrible look - especially since Natalie Wynn herself has been accused of holding transmedicalist and non-binary exclusionary views, accusations that suddenly seem a lot more legitimate. The sheer proximity between this and her inflammatory Twitter posts only two months prior has led to suspicions of dogwhistling[2] to other transmedicalists.


  1. Buck's response? "Oh god! Fuck these people. Hypocrites all of them. I am sick and tired of this shutting out opinions because they dont align with yours. Thats cult behavior and not welcomed in my world. We dont have to agree we only need to respect. Period!"
    Apparently, Linehan blocking funds to a charity for children just four months earlier is merely a difference in opinion to Bucky.