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Creationist philosophy describes the logic of creationist theory.

Creationist philosophy is essential for understanding the difference between fact and opinion. Solely creationism validates the concept of opinion and fact, each in their own right, with each their own logic, and each their own category to which they apply.

Creationism divides reality in two parts, creator and creation. “Choice” is the mechanism of creation, how a material thing orginates. To choose means to make one of alternative futures the present.

The creationist conceptual scheme:

1. Creator / chooses / spiritual / opinion

2. Creation / chosen / material / fact

Category 1:

Emotions, character traits, God, the soul, the spirit, belong in category number 1. Because they are all on the side of what makes a choice.

The substance of a creator is called “spiritual”.

A chosen “opinion”, identifies what it was that made a choice.

Category 2:

The material universe with everything in it, like planets, stars, and organisms, are all creations, which therefore belong in category number 2. Fantasy figures, language, concepts in the mind, mathematics, are also creations.

The substance of a creation is called material.

A “fact” forced by evidence, establishes whether or not a creation exists.

Applying the creationist conceptual scheme:

For example: emotions are in category number 1, it means.

– Choices are made out of emotion

– It is a matter of chosen opinion what emotions are in someone’s heart.

– The substance of emotions is called “spiritual”.

One feels what emotions are in someone’s heart, and then expresses that feeling, by spontaneous expression of emotion with free will, thereby choosing an opinion on the issue.

The logical validity of an “opinion” depends on that it is chosen, and that identifies what makes a choice.

An opinion is formed by choice, and expresses what it is that makes a choice.

It does not matter which opinion is chosen, all opinions are equally logically valid. It is equally logically valid to say a painting is “beautiful”, as to say it is “ugly”.

But to be forced to say the painting is beautiful, provides an invalid opinion, because it is a logic error for opinions to be forced.

For example: planets are in category number 2, it means:

– It is a matter of fact forced by evidence, that the planet Earth exists.

– The Earth is a creation, meaning it was chosen to exist. The existence of the Earth was preceded by the possiblity of it. Then by choice, this possiblity was made the present.

– The substance of the Earth is called “material”.

A fact is obtained by evidence of a creation, forcing to produce a 1 to 1 corresponding model of it, in the mind.

To state the fact that the Earth exists, conjures up a 1 to 1 corresponding picture of the earth in the mind.