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David Sherratt, aka. Spinosaurus Kin [1]/Hardon For Assad[2]/Alternative Facts [3]/@DiscordSpies [4] is a previous MRA and MGTOW [5]turned leftist Youtuber and Twitter person.

Spinosaurus Kin Days[edit]

On Youtube[edit]

His Youtube Channel contained some juicy videos like one called "10 Reasons Jenny McDermott is a cunt"[6] [7] or my personal favourite a video called "Hiding Behind No Dictionary" with dick and balls on the thumbnail with MGTOW: Fuck Feminism, Fuck Marriage next to it [8]. That should give you an idea of what his channel used to be like, however this was meant to demonstrate how far David has come since 2017.

Miscellaneous Items Associated With Spinosaurus Kin[edit]

Fake Accounts[edit]

This medium account [9], this links to a twitter account under the Spinosarus Name [10]

Real Accounts[edit]

This Spinosaurus account from The Autism Forums [11][12], yes he actually has Asperger's Syndrome he confirmed it on Ask.fm [13]

Hardon For Assad and His Falling Out With Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin)[edit]

David used to run a Sargon parody account called Hardon For Assad, which where he took the piss out of Sargon with the help of Nightmare Fuel. While I have to admit it was funny when it was around, not really a good show for two guys who were meant to be friends [14]. Sargon did not take this very well so they fell out [15] [16]. David didn't do himself any favours and responded via his parody account as well [17]. Even worse he started being a hypocrite about parody accounts [18]

Transition to Leftie[edit]

The Role of Xexizy or Otherwise Known as Muke[edit]

I guess you could say Muke blue pilled David as they had many discussions together near the end of 2017 where in which David was slowly convinced of Socialism and Communism [19]. The end result of this was this tweet, where he has nicer feelings towards Communism [20]. When the outrage flooded in, he pointed out that you should probably care more about your healthcare than what some random British kid is saying on Twitter [21].

His New Style of Video as Alternative Facts[edit]

Basically HBomberguy lite, he mostly does videos debunking alt right talking points [22] [23] [24], he even did a HBomberguy Election Watch style group of videos [25].He also does Shaun type videos where he debunks people like TL;DR [26]

He Probably Doesn't Make the Best Decisions[edit]

I mean what were you thinking? [27]

David's First Discord Adventure[edit]

Back in 2017, Kraut and Tea and David teamed up "and buried the hatchet" to be part of an anti-alt right discord server and research "race realism". Zeph another person on the server was apparently doxing people, so it got leaked and it hit the fan. [28]

Discord Spies Saga[edit]

David vs Ethan Ralph[edit]

  • Ethan and Andy's fans want to commit terrorism according to David [29]
  • His fans are trying to dox Mundane Matt's (Matt Jarbo's) family according to David [30]
  • More doxing apparently [31]

Ethan's Response[edit]

  • They didn't really have a response only slander really and speculation that David is actually trans [32] [33]

David vs Catlin Michelle[edit]

  • According to David, Catlin Michelle solicited images from an underage girl [34]


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