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Debate Bro is a pejorative term used to describe the debate tactics, behavior, and general attitude of mostly white, cismale YouTubers and podcasters that frequently engage in one-on-one debates, or as panelists/moderators of roundtable debates. The mere act of debating is not enough to qualify as a Debate Bro, but there are a few indicators that one could use to identify a Debate Bro:

— Use of rhetorical arguments

— Agressive argumentation style

— Frequent yelling — Wild vascilation between logically sound arguments and logically unsound arguments — has a Gamer™ chair — Probably into anime (add more later)

Debate Bros are often accused of sophism and having poorly formed logical arguments, if they have any logical arguments at all. They have a natural enemy in Video Essayists, and the two species attack each other mercilessly, but not on the battlefield of ideas; these factions work out their differences fight like petty children on the only forum that truly matters: Twitter.

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